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  • When Jessie finds Cundalini's hand hanging from the back of the van, a crew-members fingers can be clearly seen holding the chain up.
  • During an early chase sequence the yellow police car can be seen upside down in two shots before it crashes.
  • During the climatic scenes, the cloud cover changes from shot to shot. It varies from overcast to clear.
  • Wire visible when Max shoots biker about to run him over.
  • When Max hears Jessie screaming when she's being chased by bikers in the woods, he grabs his rifle and runs towards her with no shoes on. In the next sequence, after Max takes a few steps towards the woods, he's wearing shoes.
  • In the beginning of the movie, the camera pans toward Roop while he is sitting atop the concrete wall looking through the rifle scope, it can be seen that his left pants leg is cut/damaged above the knee. Next scene he is running toward the police car, there is no damage to the pants.
  • When Max is playing with the rubber mask to cheer up a "not grumpy" Jessie before he goes to see Goose, the baby (Sprog) in the background has different toys in his left hand each time we see him. When Max takes off the mask, Sprog has a brick, ball or similar object that he can clearly lift, and the plush toy is behind him, out of reach. When Max jumps onto the table, we see Sprog in close-up holding the barrel of Max's service revolver. Then after Jessie tells Max to "get out of here" Sprog now has the plush toy.
  • Goose falls on his left leg during his crash in the opening chase scene. In his next scenes, he has a cast on his right leg.
  • The explosion of the Nightrider's car erupts a few frames before contact.
  • When the Holden Monaro that the Nightrider has stolen passes the camera, at close range in one scene, we can see that the exhaust tips of the car are actually just dangling on the car and aren't actually connected at all.
  • When the bikers ride into the town to pillage, one of them takes off a green helmet, but in the next shot he is wearing it again.
  • The reflection in Max's glasses when he is waiting for Nightrider shows the dirt road that he just left, and the same shot is seen earlier as well.
  • When the old woman locks the bikers in the barn there are two doors. She locks the bikers in the left one. When she runs to the car, we see the right door, which is open, not the left door.
  • When the Nightrider crashes in the beginning a chain can be seen pulling his car into the disabled truck.
  • When Jessie walks to the car Max is repairing she is wearing sneakers. When she walks around to the passenger side of the car she has on boots with sheepskin trim. When she walks off to the beach she is wearing the deck shoes again.
  • When Max and Jessie first take off for their vacation, it's just the two of them (no baby). There's no baby anywhere when they're on the beach initially either. The baby first appears at the junk yard, when Jessie tells Max that she's going to buy an ice cream cone.
  • When Max takes the black interceptor to hunt down the Toecutter and his gang, he first comes up behind them on a road with a dashed white lines in the center and the road is lined with trees on both sides. This continues for as far as the viewer's eyes can see. When he spins up the supercharger in the next scene to run down the bikers, the road has changed to one with no lines in the middle, is narrower, and has open fields on each side.
  • When Roop is aiming the shotgun at the Nightrider in the opening chase, his grip on the gun changes from one-handed to two-handed between shots.
  • The Goose's wreck is caused by his rear wheel locking up. As he and the bike fly off the road, the rear wheel is still spinning.
  • Max's shoes change when he is running on the road to pick up Jessie. Earlier he was shoe-less and then wearing black shoes. In this scene he is seen wearing another pair.
  • Goose starts up his cold bike in the morning and immediately races a full throttle burnout. A carburetor engine of that time is rather delicate during its cold start phase, it could not deliver that performance, but rather choke and stall when operated full throttle.
  • At the beginning chase scene, Goose's KZ1000 has a front mag wheel. When he slides into the parked car, his front wheel has spokes.
  • When Jessie has the baby in her arms and runs towards the farm, the baby screams while his lips are closed.
  • When Jesse and May are being chased in the station wagon, it quits running because of radiator failure due to a piece of the gate they drive through stuck in it. It can be seen when Jesse runs in front of the car. When Max runs by the car moments later, it is no longer visible in the radiator.
  • Poly Styrene, the mannequin that gets a shotgun blast to the face on the beach, shows up later in the film during Mad Max's solo revenge on the back of a bike with its face intact. But it's a mannequin, and there could be dozens of identical ones where the gang found the first Poly.
  • When Max meets Goose in the courtyard of the Halls of Justice, his baton is hanging on his right hip. When they enter the garage, however, the baton has disappeared.
  • Goose throws Johnny the Boy to the ground and, with his baton in his right hand, draws his arm back. In the next shot, Goose throws a punch with his right hand but the baton is gone.
  • When Roop tears the hood off his Pursuit car, it lands with the underside facing up. In the next shot, as he comes around the front of the car, the hood is farther away and right-side-up.
  • Despite being "fuel injected", the Interceptor lacks a throttle body, fuel injectors, and a fuel injector rail system.
  • When Max, Goose, and the mechanic are revealing the Interceptor, the supercharger is not powered by the crankshaft pulley. This is indicative of being a faux blower. Also, it lacks a belt tensioner.
  • When Nightrider's stolen black MFP car is approaching Max's interceptor, the shot from Nightrider's point of view shows Max's stationary car close to being in the middle of the road, but in the opposing shots from close to Max's car it is parked halfway off the left side of the road.
  • After exiting the farmhouse looking for her son, Jessie encounters the motorcycle gang at the garage/barn of the farmhouse. However, the property is enclosed by a fence, and the gate to the driveway is locked. In addition, nobody heard the motorcycles drive up to the farmhouse. Yet, somehow, the gang was able to sneak onto the property with their motorcycles without anyone hearing their approach.
  • Presumably the supercharger was switched off to save fuel, which wouldn't work because the engine would stall. A stopped "blower" would not allow the fuel/air mixture to pass into the engine. The only way that the car would move under its own power would be if the compressor housing was fake and there was a carburetor hidden inside the housing.
  • The opening chase takes place around "Anarchy Road." In one of the film's first shots, we are shown a sign that says "Anarchie Road" is 3 km. away. However, once they arrive there the road sign the car crashes into is spelled "Anarchy."
  • The van that pulls into Roop's path and is slammed by his patrol car simply exits the driveway and drives straight across towards the other side of the street, which is a grass verge without anywhere to go. It also does not have its indicator on, as quoted, and for some reason the driver fails to react to Nightrider speeding past ahead of the pursuit vehicles and the sirens, and does not give way to an emergency vehicle, blindly entering the road.
  • When Goose is interrogating the stoned biker he turns around and says "Take your time Charlie, we've got plenty of it", when he turns you can see the feet of the camera operator reflected in his glasses. It cannot be the other policeman as he is in the other room.
  • Before Toecutter's gang chase down a young fearful couple, the camera's shadow can be briefly seen on the young couple's car door.
  • Just before Max rips the handbrake and pulls the steering wheel sharply to the right to put the V8 interceptor into a brake slide, the tachometer needle is clearly seen at zero. It wasn't broken as it was working fine seconds before when Max activated the supercharger.
  • During beach scene when the bikers are arguing over the mannequin, the biker asked to shoot the mannequin is holding a wooden cut-out shaped like the prop gun. In the next scene he is seen holding the actual prop gun.
  • As Max crawls past and drives away from Bubba, there is a falcon on Bubba's chest. But falcons don't eat dead prey, or prey on anything as large as an adult man. And even if it had been a buzzard or vulture, it wouldn't have been there so soon, while Max and the car were still there.
  • At the beach with the mannequin, Toe Cutter fires his double barrel shotgun into the air. When Johnny the Boy shoots the mannequin, he fires two rounds without reloading.
  • During the car chase scene where the motorcycle gang chases down the car that escapes town. Simply swerving into the motorcycles and / or slamming on the brakes would have eliminated the vast majority of the gang. A motorcycle really has no chance in that type of scenario.


  • At the end of the movie, when Max finds Johnny the Boy, he puts his shotgun to Johnny's head and we hear a gun being cocked. However, Max's shotgun has no external hammers and can't be thumb-cocked. (Max could be disengaging the safety, but there are two distinct clicks instead of one.)
  • As Max chases down the Toecutter in a high-speed pursuit, the scene showing his demise is markedly different than the preceding shot. That is, they used a different location on the road for the crash shot. The truck was shown topping the hill then shown at the bottom, the road lines went from solid-double to single-dashed, the sides of the road changed from rocks and mounds of dirt to grass, the sky went from over-cast to sunny, and most notably the truck itself went from a normal front (lights, grill and body work) to having a flat false-front that had been painted to look like its a normal front (with lights, grill and body work).
  • When Max is shot in the leg at the end of the movie, he is still standing near his car, not even all the way across the road from it [say, six steps]. However, when he is shot, somehow he ends up a good distance diagonally up the road from his vehicle. In addition, he falls toward the gang member who shot him, as opposed to having fallen away from the gang member.
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