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  • Some steel plates protecting the truck's wheels reappear after the truck has crashed.
  • During the final chase, the goons shoot out the tanker truck's rear, left-most tire (as seen from the back). In a subsequent shot, the first shot of the tanker following the gyro crash, all four rear tires are intact.
  • Towards the end of the movie we see that the gyro rotors are totally bent. In the next shot, as it comes to a stop, the rotors are in perfect condition.
  • When Max takes Nathan back to compound, he holds up his tool belt in his right hand. The hatchet (wooden handle) is facing the camera. In the reverse shot, showing Max from behind, the hatchet is again on the camera side. The hatchet never faces away from the camera.
  • When Max first sees the Mack that he will later drive, the left windshield is missing. Later, it's in place.
  • When the Gyro Captain is reaching for the can of dog food that the dog is eating out of, it shows him reaching with his right hand, yet when we see the shot with the dog and the can, a left hand is seen reaching out for it. He is also holding a wooden spoon with that right hand which then is missing in the shot with the can.
  • After the driver-side door on the truck is ripped off, a crew member can been seen at Max's feet inside the cab.
  • When Wez leaves the road after taking an arrow to the arm, he is suddenly wearing sunglasses. Also, the Golden Youth seems to have gotten more buff.
  • Wez is on the roof of the tanker spinning his chained spike-ball and Max hits the brakes. In the first shot, Wez is falling with his body turned to the right, but in the next shot, he falls with his body turned to the left.
  • After being attacked by Wez, Max rolls the Pursuit Special down a hill. When Max climbs out of the car, it looks in much better shape than it was when it came to rest.
  • In the opening scene where Max is being chased at one time he slams on his brakes, allowing one of the cars that chasing him to pass, he then hits the gas and rams the other car busting the plastic nose piece off of the Interceptor. During this scene if you watch closely there you can see the Interceptor with the smashed grill just before the impact and then with an undamaged grill after.
  • When the Gyro Captain ambushes Max and holds him at crossbow point, he is apparently unaware that his fingers are sticking well above the string level of the weapon, and that if he were to fire it, he'd lose top half of all his fingers. Max is oblivious to this as well, or knows that the crossbow would still harm him regardless of damage done to its user.
  • In the opening scene, as the camera pulls "out" of the blower, the blower pulley is not turning (widescreen only). A few moments later Max shuts off the blower and the pulley stops turning (the implication being that it was running the whole time).
  • When Wez flips over the Quiet Man on the catwalk, the springboard can be seen briefly (all versions); as he lands, the hands of a spotter appear at the extreme left of the screen. (Widescreen only.)
  • The sky changes from cloudy to clear throughout the movie.
  • When the dune buggy is struck by the Landau in the opening chase, it is obviously just sitting there waiting to be hit. Also, the engine has been removed.
  • When Max carries the 4 metal cans full of gasoline to retrieve the truck, the cans appear empty by the way they are swaying back and forth from the pole he's using to carry them. In addition, when the gyro captain drops them to the ground once they reach the autogyro the cans make a hollow-sounding noise, also indicating that they are empty.
  • When Papagallo is shot in the leg by Humungus' goons, a wire attached to the arrow is visible momentarily.
  • When Papagallo is shot in the leg by Humungus' goons, the arrow used to shoot is bright red but when it hits his leg it's white and yellow.
  • During the big chase when the motorcycle rider flips end over end into a ditch, you can see a blue safety mat at the bottom of the screen. (Widescreen version only.)
  • In the opening chase, after the black Ford Landau smashes the dune buggy, the roadside is clear around the "Mundi Mundi Look Out" [sic] sign. In the reverse shot, as the Landau starts to roll over, piles of debris (including the stunt ramp) can be seen near the sign.
  • When everyone is getting ready for the final chase, and the Kid is taken from between the tractor and the tanker, you can see that the air brake lines are not hooked up, even though the truck is about to pull out.
  • When Wez wheelies his bike away from Mundi Mundi lookout, the Golden Youth is played by a female stand-in wearing black leather cuffs on his/her biceps, which he doesn't wear in any other scene.
  • When Max takes Nathan back to the compound, the defenders confiscate his tool belt and weapons. Later, as Max is showing the music box to the Feral Kid, the tool belt's shoulder strap appears on his shoulder. It's gone in the next shot.
  • After Max mans the flamethrower and helps turn away the marauders, there's a brief shot of him looking back into the compound. This shot is from earlier, when he was cuffed to a railing. (The crossbow turret can be seen to his left.) The flamethrower turret is to the left of the crossbow, so the crossbow should be on his right.
  • After Max rolls his car, Toadie checks the tanks and declares them full. He then opens the cap and a thin stream of liquid pours out. In the next shot of Toadie, the liquid quickly slows to a dribble and then stops altogether.
  • As Max approaches the Mohawk sitting next to the crossbow at 0:23:46, the crossbow is uncocked and unloaded. When the Mohawk reaches for the crossbow at 0:23:56 it is ready to fire.
  • After Max delivers the truck to the compound and escapes in his battered pursuit special, it goes from shots that are "dawn" lighting, (car escaping against lit dawn horizon & close-up of Max and engine with heavy orange gels) straight to a traveling shot along the highway where the shadows indicate a sun around a before/after noon position.
  • Max is carrying 4 fuel cans back to the big rig (4 cans @ 5 lbs per can empty = 20 lbs). He is using a metal bar to carry the cans (~10 lbs). He requested diesel fuel and high-octane gasoline. The cans look to be 5 gallon containers. Diesel fuel weighs 7 lbs per gallon (3 cans @ 35 lbs per = 105 lbs). Gasoline weighs 6 lbs per gallon (1 can @ 30 lbs). The load Max is trying to carry is around 160 lbs. It isn't realistic that Max would be able to left, carry or shift this load on his shoulder with the ease displayed in the film.
  • Prior to the standoff at the gate, the Warrior Woman cranks the pulley to arm the turret. It is clear however that the cable does not move.
  • When the masked leader of the Mohawks addresses the compound the first time he is using a hand-held microphone making his voice louder. When he addressees the compound a second time his hands are raised in the air and is voice is just as loud as the first address but no microphone is in sight.
  • Gyrocopters, or autogyros, do not fly like helicopters. The motor spins the propeller behind the pilot, pushing the vehicle forward. As the forward velocity increases, wind resistance causes the top rotor to spin, providing lift. For a gyrocopter to remain airborne it must be moving forward. Essentially, the same rules that apply to the take-off and landing of an airplane apply to gyrocopters.
  • During the final chase, Pappagallo is killed when Humungous hurls a triple-bladed 'harpoon' into his back, right between his shoulder blades. At the time, Pappagallo was driving the Lone Wolf; the vehicle's rear cowl rose higher than the top of his head. In order for the area between his shoulder blades to have been exposed, Pappagallo would have to have been standing up in the driver's seat.
  • During the final chase, a Ford Fairlane with police lights on the roof gets firebombed by the guards on the tanker. For just an instant before the bottles are thrown, a thick, Vaseline-like goo is visible spread all over the car's hood and roof. This is a flammable gel, applied to the car to make the flame-up look more impressive.
  • When the pink Desoto skids to a halt outside the refinery gate and gets torched, it's riding on oversized truck tires mounted on shiny chrome wheels. Every time it's visible on-screen after it explodes, it's wearing normal car tires with plain stamped-steel wheels.
  • When Wez hits Max with the tailpipe piece and causes him to total the Interceptor, he clearly hits part of the car door frame. There is no sound indicating a hit.
  • (at 01:30:40) In the end when the truck is turned over none of the wheels is punctured, although at least two of them should be.
  • In the first movie, the mechanic who built Max's interceptor states that it runs on nitro methane. In The Road Warrior, this is never addressed or mentioned again. We get the impression this fine tuned high performance car now runs on whatever old gas max can scavenge. Unless nitro methane is a common fuel, he would never be able to run this car successfully for as long as he did.
  • The two vehicles that leave the refinery compound for the final chase can carry only up to six people (up to 3 in the semi, 2 on the tanker, and Papagallo is clearly visible to be alone in his car). The crew of Humungus all goes after them. Although they all know the refinery village has much more inhabitants, not one single gang member thinks of the other villagers before or during the chase, letting a perfect leverage go.
  • When the Gyro Captain sets Humungus's vehicle ablaze, Humungus veers and pulls off to his right to address his burning vehicle. However, when he is finally shown again recovering from the incident and getting back on the road, after Max turns the tanker around, he is on the opposite side of the road than the side that he was on when he pulled off the road earlier.
  • During all the shots where the jerrycans are being carried, we never once hear liquids slopping around inside them, no matter how much they're thrown around. This means they're either completely full or, more likely based on how easily the cast carries them, they're completely empty.
  • During the final chase, Max shoots one of the raiders through the raider car's windshield. However, for the split second before the impact of the bullet it is clearly visible that this "raider" is nothing more but a skull in a helmet.
  • While the Mechanics is describing the repairs needed to the rig, he is toying with a socket wrench. Seconds later, when he agrees to perform the repairs in 12 hours, the ratchet handle has gained a large socket.
  • After Humungus gives his offer to "walk away" and is leaving the compound, a wrecked car is sitting right in front of the compound's gate. It resembles the Interceptor.


  • During the final chase, it's very doubtful that Humungus, even with his strength, could have thrown the spear with enough velocity to reach Pappagallo. Both vehicles were moving at essentially the same speed, and once the spear left Humungus's hand, wind resistance caused by what was likely near-100-mph speed would have pushed the spear backward immediately.
  • When the tanker and Humungus' truck collide, the background vehicles are not moving; they're merely positioned at the side of the road.
  • When Max hits Humungus with the truck and when the camera is in the left side of the truck, you can see the driver wearing a helmet.
  • When the tanker crashes in the end, the stunt driver has a helmet.
  • Throughout the film the Gyro Captain has badly decaying teeth. At the climax of the film when he and Max smile at each other the Gyro Captain's teeth are almost pristine.
  • During the final chase, as a marauder and The Mechanic is having a "tug-of-war" over the wounded and dying Warrior Woman hanging on the barbed wire, in one shot someone else is seen atop the tanker moving towards the cab. It looks vaguely like the Feral Kid but in shots before and after we see that he's in the cab, helping Max fight off the marauder holding on to Max's shoulder, and no other compound folk are supposedly left on the truck at that point (the entire crew being The Mechanic, Warrior Woman, the Feral Kid, Max and the man in the turret at the back who got pulled to his death early on during the chase).
  • When Max u-turns the truck during the final chase, Wez is clearly not on the front of the truck, despite him later being revealed to have survived his presumed death by hanging onto the truck's front.
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