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  • Tate Taylor directed Octavia Spencer (Ma) in her Oscar winning performance in The Help (2011).
  • Filmed in February 2018, but not released until 31 May 2019.
  • In one scene, Erica mentions that she is having a John Hughes movie marathon. Juliette Lewis had a part in the Hughes-written National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989), where she played Audrey.
  • The sequence involving Sue Ann noticing the porcelain cat statues had been moved, is a homage to a similar sequence in Misery (1990).
  • The role of Sue Ann was originally written for a white actress. Tate Taylor modified the script to better suit an African-American woman after he showed the script to Octavia Spencer and she expressed interest in playing the role. The pair had previously collaborated on The Help (2011).
  • Tate Taylor directed Luke Evans and Allison Janney in The Girl on the Train (2016).
  • Octavia Spencer and Allison Janney previously co-starred in The Help (2011).
  • Although not filmed in Ohio, there are several clues to indicate that the film takes place in NorthEast Ohio. First, all the local vehicles have Ohio license plates. Second, the prefix of the Hawkins Security number is 216, which is the area code for the greater Cleveland area. Third, a nuclear power plant is visible in the opening credits - The Perry Nuclear Plant is just 40 miles NorthEast of Cleveland. There are also several casinos in the Cleveland area.
  • Octavia Spencer guest starred on the series Mom (2013) with Allison Janney (Dr. Brooks).
  • The 3-legged dog that "Ma" walks in front of the liquor store is owned by a veterinarian that works at the clinic where all the interior vet clinic scenes were filmed.
  • Diana Silvers lied about her height and said she was 5'8" to get the role of Maggie even though she is 5'10" and a half in real life.
  • Incredibly, the cast of this horror film features two (2) Oscar-winning actresses--Octavia Spencer and Allison Janney--plus one Oscar nominee, Juliette Lewis. What's more, its director (& cast member) Tate Taylor previously directed, executive produced and wrote the screenplay for Best Picture nominee The Help (2011), which resulted in Oscar nominations for three (3) actresses, including Spencer who won her statue as Best Supporting Actress.
  • Missi Pyle and Octavia Spencer both guest starred on Mom with Allison Janney.
  • The writing credits in early promotional material read "Story by Scotty Landes. Screenplay by Landes and Tate Taylor". Landes received sole "written by" credit following an arbitration conducted by the Writers Guild of America.
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