Ma Belle, My Beauty

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A surprise reunion in the South of France reignites passions and jealousies between two women who were formerly polyamorous lovers.


  • Idella Johnson
  • Hannah Pepper
  • Lucien Guignard
  • Sivan Noam Shimon

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Aug 22, 2021

Ma Belle, My Beauty excels in its visual storytelling, which is paired beautifully with a lively acoustic score and talented actors.

Ferdosa Abdi
Screen Rant
Aug 20, 2021

Anchored by four very good performances, Ma Belle, My Beauty unfortunately suffers from inertia and a lack of conflict. There is conflict, but it's presented in such a languishing way that it leaves the film grasping for something solid to hold onto.

Metacritic review by Sheila O'Malley
Sheila O'Malley
Jun 12, 2021

The acting from the central four actors is quite soulful, but we don’t get enough access to these characters’ inner conflicts. Too often, the narrative’s configuration feels like an intriguing second draft instead of a ready-to-shoot script, something that someone with an external eye might help finesse into something truly captivating.

Metacritic review by Boyd van Hoeij
Boyd van Hoeij
The Hollywood Reporter