Lost & Found

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Lost & Found is a feature film with 7 interconnecting stories set in and around a lost & found office of an Irish train station. All segments are inspired by true stories, share a theme of something lost or found and characters that come in and out of each other's lives.


  • Liam O Mochain
  • Norma Sheahan
  • Brendan Conroy
  • Aoibhin Garrihy
  • Liam Carney
  • Lynette Callaghan
  • Seamus Hughes
  • Barbara Adair
  • Diarmuid Noyes
  • Olga Wehrly

Atom User Reviews

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Jun 20, 2019

None of these stories feel monumental, and all of them resolve themselves neatly in a quarter-hour or so. But they have a kindness to them; a way of seeing people as they are, with their flaws and their goodness.

Metacritic review by Moira Macdonald
Moira Macdonald
The Seattle Times
Mar 28, 2019

The Irish humor and setting make for a lovely time with the film as we get a droll glimpse of daily life in Ireland, and things that are lost and found again.

Metacritic review by Bradley Gibson
Bradley Gibson
Film Threat
Mar 28, 2019

It’s written and directed by Liam O Mochain with the kind of inoffensive hot-water-bottle-laughs you wouldn’t think possible after Father Ted. Well, I say inoffensive, but one of the vignettes – about an uptight bridezilla whose sole character trait is her desperation to get married – is depressingly unfeminist.

Metacritic review by Cath Clarke
Cath Clarke
The Guardian