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  • After Fred awakens Charlotte from her "micro-nap", they discuss the jokes he has written for her speech. During the conversation, Fred puts his laptop on Charlotte's desk. As the scene ends, Fred leaves the room without the laptop in his hands (as he was directed to make changes to the speech, he would need his laptop for that work).
  • Referring to Beyond the Wall (2017), Charlotte says "I couldn't believe khaleesi's dragon came out as a White Walker!". Actually, Viserion was reanimated as a wight, not as a White Walker.
  • In the first exterior shot of the Secretary's plane on the way to Sweden an airborne 747 is shown. The exterior scene upon exiting the plane shows what is likely a 767 or 777. The distinctive hump of a 747 is gone.
  • When Rogen is putting on his shirt and walking into the ocean in the Philippines, his pant legs are already wet before he gets to the water.
  • It's stated that Charlotte Field is the youngest US Secretary of State ever. Though her age isn't directly stated, it is implied she is 41, as Fred states she was 16 when she babysat him 25 years prior. Richard Rush served in 1817 when he was 37, and Edmund Randolph served in 1794 when he was 40.
  • President Chambers states he will endorse Charlotte if she decides to run for president, though it is a long-standing precedent for party leaders not to endorse a candidate until they have won the primary process.
  • Charlotte claims to have ridden on an elevator alone with Saddam Hussein. That could not possibly have happened after 2003, about 15 years before the events in the movie. But more likely, that would have happened under the last Democratic administration (Clinton) during Saddam's lifetime, before 2001. Charlotte would have barely been out of college.
  • At the beginning of the first travel scene, there is an in-flight, outside shot of a four-engine, two-deck Boeing 747, the type used for Air Force One. At the end of that flight, Charlotte steps off a smaller, twin-engine Boeing 757, the type usually flown by the Secretary of State.
  • When Fred walks down the stairs after getting a makeover, Charlotte looks back and spits water. Before Fred walks down, Charlotte can be seen opening the bottle but does not drink any water as she is talking.
  • Between 23:14 and 23:28, Fred goes up the same steps three times.
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