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  • After Fred awakens Charlotte from her "micro-nap", they discuss the jokes he has written for her speech. During the conversation, Fred puts his laptop on Charlotte's desk. As the scene ends, Fred leaves the room without the laptop in his hands (as he was directed to make changes to the speech, he would need his laptop for that work).
  • Referring to Beyond the Wall (2017), Charlotte says "I couldn't believe Khalisee's dragon came out as a White Walker!". Actually, Viserion was reanimated as a wight, not as a White Walker.
  • In the first exterior shot of the Secretary's plane on the way to Sweden an airborne 747 is shown. The exterior scene upon exiting the plane shows what is likely a 767 or 777. The distinctive hump of a 747 is gone.
  • When Rogen is putting on his shirt and walking into the ocean in the Philippines, his pant legs are already wet before he gets to the water.
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