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  • Regina Hall previously worked with Issa Rae on The Hate U Give (2018) and Insecure, and with Marsai Martin on Black-ish (2014).
  • Regina Hall was one of the main characters on the fake show-within-a-show Due North (2017) that the characters of Insecure (2016) watched on tv. Issa Rae produces and stars in Insecure. She also produced Due North.
  • Issa Rae previously portrayed a character named April in The Hate U Give (2018).
  • This is Universal Pictures' first 1.85:1 production since Pitch Perfect 3 (2017).
  • Marsai Martin not only pitched the movie but was also one of the executive producers.
  • When Jordan makes her entrance at the office building, there is a clear parallel between a similar scene in The Devil Wears Prada. The same score from that scene can also be heard in this scene.
  • The teacher at Jordan's school shares a name with director Garry Marshall. Garry Marshall's sister, Penny Marshall, directed Big (1988), with which this movie has a similar premise.
  • Tracee Ellis Ross voiced Homegirl in the movie; she also plays Marsai Martin's mother on Black-ish.
  • Actor Tone Bell told the podcast "Keith and the Girl" that production often paused mid-take when a freight train would sound its horn outside the office set. The actors would have to restart.
  • Actor Tone Bell told the podcast "Keith and the Girl" that after filming he was forced to undergo surgery to resolve a partial retina detachment. Producers contacted him for reshoots in early 2019 but because of his recent surgery he was unable to fly to the set. So instead, he took a train three-and-a-half days to Atlanta to appear in his scenes.
  • Numerous news outlets reported that, with this movie, Marsai Martin set a record to become the youngest-ever executive producer in the history of Hollywood.
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