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Goofs from Little Women

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  • There were a couple of times that Emma Watson's natural British accent is evident when she speaks.
  • When Friedrich is reading Jo's stories and offering his critiques, he alternates between holding a newspaper clipping and a book, depending on the camera angle.
  • When Amy is scolding Laurie on New Years, Laurie's tie goes from only hanging on one side of his collar to hanging evenly on both sides of his collar.
  • When Amy is sitting at Aunt March's feet, one of Amy's braids alternates between being on her shoulder or behind her shoulder depending on the camera angle before Aunt March actually moves the braid over Amy's shoulder.
  • It does not take 20 yards of fabric to make a dress, even a big dress of that era; it would take 7 or 8 yards, tops.
  • One of the characters uses the term "marry rich" which did not exist in 1864. The term used would have been "marry well," which appears several times in Alcott's text.
  • Saoirse Ronan's natural Irish accent is audible momentarily a couple of times when Jo is angry and shouting.
  • Jo wakes up in her chair seeing that Beth was no longer on the bed beside her. She goes downstairs and learns that Beth has died. No one even bothered to wake Jo when Beth died or when Beth's body was being removed from the bed.
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