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  • Lea Thompson and Lucas Grabeel have previously worked together as mother and son in Freeform's (formerly known as ABC Family) family drama television series Switched At Birth (2011-2017).
  • The film was released in 2018, which coincided Louisa May Alcott's novel's 150th anniversary publishing date since the book was first released in 1868.
  • The film is Clare Niederpruem's directorial debut.
  • Butchered story eliminates Aunt March from the plot.
  • Michael Flynn previously played the father of Lucas Grabeel in Halloween Town, in this movie he plays his grandfather.
  • Lucas Grabeel and Bart Johnson previously starred in the High School Musical movies together.
  • Lucas Gabreel (Laurie) and Bart Johnson (Papa March) previously worked together on the High School Musical trilogy, as Ryan Evans and Coach Bolton respectively
  • In the original novel set in the Civil War, Papa March is an Army Chaplain. Since this version is produced by a Catholic organization, Paulist Productions, he was presumably changed to an Army Surgeon so that he would not be a married and therefore non-Catholic chaplain.
  • Melanie Stone and Clare Niederpruem previously worked together on the horror film Nocturne (2016).
  • (Cameo) Louisa May Alcott: Author cameo; a picture of her on the cover of a biography appears prominently on the bookshelf in the library where Jo and Freddy converse.
  • Strangely both the 1994 LIttle Women and the 2018 LIttle Women were rated PG; even though this is obviously G Rated material. It remains a mystery why the 1994 was rated PG and not G. The MPAA description describes "two scenes of strong language"; but there are no swears in this movie; or anything that is not appropriate to a family audience. Rumor has it the studio pressured the MPAA to rate this PG for box office and marketing reasons; so this could be sold to a girl teenage audience; so the MPAA complied; even though this is obviously a G rated movie. (Curiously, the 2018 version of Little Women was also rated PG-13; but that had a scene of a woman given birth topless from behind).
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