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  • During "Skid Row" when Seymour walks down the alley to the gate and homeless people crawl it up and sing, there is a black man in a black beret, who, a few seconds later, when Seymour turns and runs out of the alley, is standing on the sidewalk with a bottle in a paper bag.
  • The first bum in "Downtown."
  • When Audrey II fires the gun through the glass, sparks are visible from the pyrotechnic charges.
  • Position of Orin Scrivello's hands on his first patient during the dentist song.
  • In one shot during the "Downtown" sequence, Audrey is obviously stepping off from a standing position on cue, although she's supposed to be continuing a walk down the sidewalk.
  • During the 'Downtown' sequence, just before Audrey appears when the bum sings 'subway', the lady on the extreme right turns to the beat with the other extras and trips on the cobblestones in her high heels. She continues singing the chorus with the rest of the cast, then when they all freeze she breaks character to look down at her feet to see what she tripped on.
  • When Seymour is using the grass mower during the 'Somewhere that's Green' dream sequence, the length of the grass he passes over does not change.
  • During the "Somewhere That's Green" number, Audrey dusts the house with a synthetic fiber static cling duster that wasn't invented until 1973, about 15 years after the movie takes place.
  • In the opening number, right after Ronette sings "hear the sturm und drang in the air" you hear Crystal and Chiffon sing "yeah, yeah, yeah" but their mouths don't move at all.
  • When Orin dies his right eyebrow twitches twice.
  • The movie takes place in the early 1960s in New York City and features a "total eclipse of the sun". There was no such eclipse any time in the 1960s. The most recent total solar eclipse visible from New York City was on Jan 24, 1925. As Seymour explains how he discovered the Audrey II he said, "...suddenly, and without warning, there was a total eclipse of the Sun." Solar eclipses are never without warning. They are predictable and their expected times and dates are publicized weeks, even months, ahead of their occurrence. Also, solar eclipses are not sudden. The Moon slowly crosses in front of the Sun and the light from the Sun grows dimmer and then lighter as the eclipse progresses. Therefore this was not a normal solar eclipse, rather it was something brought on by the aliens who delivered Audrey II. It could happen at any time and place on Earth as it is not limited to predicted eclipses. The aliens did not wait for an eclipse, they caused one.
  • When Audrey sings "My arm's in a cast" her arm is not, in fact, in a cast. It's in a sling but no cast.
  • The color of the inside of the plant's mouth changes from blue/purple to red from scene to scene.
  • In the "Somewhere That's Green" number, they show two scenes from "I Love Lucy". The first scene has her spitting all the chocolate into her chef's hat and the second scene has her having a chocolate fight with a co-worker. In actuality, the chocolate fight scene came early in the episode and the chocolate in the chef's hat came at the end of the show.
  • When Audrey talks to Audrey II on the phone, her left hand disappears from the receiver between shots.
  • The film is set in the early-'60s however at least two cars of later production are seen: the taxi that passes Seymour as he walks to the market during "Da-Doo" is a 1974 Checker, and a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle is seen driving past Mushnik when he leaves his store.
  • Though the year is never mentioned, the calendar behind the counter matches September of 1964. However, on the radio it is briefly mentioned that Kennedy is president, who was assassinated in 1963.
  • During "Somewhere That's Green" Audrey isn't wearing a wedding ring but Seymour is.
  • Audrey is pulled face-first into Audrey II's mouth, meaning she would be face-down on her belly. But she's face-up on her back when Seymour rescues her. It is possible that she rolled around and ended up on her back during her struggle.


  • The original ending of the movie was to have both Audrey and Seymour die. In the off-Broadway version, Seymour feeds Audrey to the plant (so that she can be "somewhere that's green"). Because they re-wrote the ending, there's a scene where, after Seymour saves Audrey from the plant, Audrey has blood on her wedding dress. When we cut back to Audrey, the blood is gone.
  • During "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" Seymour pulls a revolver out of the drawer and prepares to shoot Audrey II. While he doesn't fire a single shot before Audrey II takes it from him, there is smoke in the air as if he did. This is because in the original ending Seymour DID fire the gun at least three times, but it didn't do any damage to the plant.
  • When Orin dies with the mask on, the inflation bulbs (the little black bags that inflate and deflate) deflate completely. Actually they should INFLATE completely and stay that way. The gas is still on full blast and Orin is no longer inhaling (which would cause them to deflate).
  • Fake legs clearly visible when Audrey is in Audrey II's Mouth.
  • When the Telechron clock hanging in Mushnik's is destroyed at the end of the film, we can see it's been moved from the plaster wall to pegboard.
  • Audrey II disappears before it blows up at the end of the movie.
  • During the song Mean Green Mother From Outer Space, Audrey II grabs the gun from Seymour, which is a common six-shooter. During the next few moments, five shots are fired before Seymour runs into another room and closes the door. Four more shots are fired through the wall window, three through the door glass, and an apparent single shot goes through a window with blinds and curtains for a total of 13.
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