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  • The movie was a rarity in that it was filmed in the USA by a small core Russian production team from the Soviet Union.
  • Only four members of the crew (the director, his wife, the cinematographer and the camera operator) were Russian. Everyone else was American.
  • Debut theatrical feature film written / produced / directed by Slava Tsukerman.
  • According to Allmovie, the film was an "updating of Andy Warhol's Trash (1970)'".
  • The movie's "Liquid Sky" title is a phrase which is a slang term for heroin.
  • According to an interview with Anne Carlisle in the July 1984 edition of Moviegoer Magazine, the movie was the most successful independent film of the 1983 year grossing $1.7 million at the box-office in the film's first months of release.
  • Slava Tsukerman performed a number of roles on this movie. Tsukerman was the main producer, a co-writer, an editor, the director, a composer and a lyricist for the track "Me and My Rhythm Box".
  • Actress Anne Carlisle played dual roles in this picture, they being the characters of Jimmy and Margaret.
  • According to the movie's official site, the picture spent twenty-eight weeks on Variety's top grossing films box-office chart and was the longest running title on it for the year of 1983.
  • About five years after this movie debuted, lead actress Anne Carlisle wrote a book called "Liquid Sky: The Novel" based on this film, it being first published in 1987.
  • The film won a number of Jury Prizes at film festivals. These included the the Special Jury Prize at the Manila International Film Festival, the Special Jury Prize for Visual Impact at 1983 Cartagena Film Festival, the Special Prize of the Jury at the 1982 Montréal World Film Festival and the Special Prize of the Jury at 1983 Brussels International Film Festival.
  • Extensive videotaped rehearsals were done before this movie was filmed.
  • The disco was later converted into a Petco store.
  • Material used for the costumes was purchased at thrift stores.
  • Anne Carlisle lived in the apartment that her character Margaret resided in during the shooting of the film.
  • The scenes in which Margaret and Jimmy appear onscreen together took several hours to shoot.
  • The cocaine seen in this movie was actually sugar.
  • Anne Carlisle bit Jack Adalist during the rehearsal of the attempted rape scene so it would be easier for Adalist to be violent with her.
  • The dancing extras at the disco were actual patrons of said disco.
  • The words "Liquid sky" were included in the Danish Punkband "Sort Sol" in their major hit "Let your fingers do the walking", and in The movie "Nattevagten" (and translated into English in The night watch)
  • Anne Carlisle playing dual role was not originally planned on pre-production. The actor who was supposed to play the character of Jimmy fell out of the project.
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