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  • Very near the end of the song "Stars," a shot from behind Javert shows he is facing Notre Dame and the moon is in the sky to his right. Although the moon is to his right and illuminates buildings in the background from that perspective, the light reflected off of Javert's forehead is coming from his left.
  • When we first see Enjolras speaking before the crowd during "Look Down", he and Marius are holding pamphlets in their hands. When Enjolras sings his line "Where is the king who runs this show?", he raises his hand above his head and the camera does a quick cut for a close up -- revealing that the pamphlet has vanished from his hands.
  • During the final scene, the sky changes between shots from being cloudy to having few or no clouds.
  • When a young child hops on the back of a horse drawn wagon, very clear views are given of the caliper disc brakes on the rear axle of the wagon. Brakes like this were not used until 1890 at the earliest.
  • The calf seen wandering in the barricades scene is a whitefaced Hereford poll. That breed did not exist before the 1880, and did not reach France until the 20th century.
  • When Valjean gets down on one knee to tell Cosette of her mother's fate, he appears to reach up and take his hat off. When the camera goes from Cosette back to Jean, his hat is still sitting on top of his head.
  • In "At the End of the Day" when all the women quickly form two rows the positioning of Fantine and the factory women standing on either side of her changes about three times.
  • When Javert arrives back at the barricade, the gun disappears and reappears in his hand.
  • When Gavroche first comes up from inside the elephant, he is wearing only a blue jacket. In the next shot, He is wearing a brown blanket. In the shot after that, it has disappeared again.
  • The bishop is wearing incorrect liturgical vestments. He is shown wearing a dalmatic which is the vestment for a deacon with a stole worn 'priest-wise' on top. A french bishop of this period would have worn a 'fiddle-back' Latin chasuble with crossed stole underneath.
  • During the final act (1832), Javert wears the medal of a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. The medal is the modern version, a five-pointed Maltese Cross mounted on a green palm wreath. The period version had a bronze wreath.
  • During "The Robbery", Thénardier speaks to Javert and grows nearer and nearer to his face. The shot changes, however, and shows Javert at a different angle, moving closer to Thénardier.
  • When Javert gets the letter from Paris informing him that "Valjean" has been caught, the tricolor French republican flag is seen hanging in the street. But this scene takes place in 1823, during the Bourbon restoration. During this time (1815-30) the tricolor was not in use.
  • During the opening scene at the docks, the sun keeps changing between shots.
  • When Thénardier is singing "Master of The House" and changing his hat/removing his glasses, he is visibly not moving his lips even though the song is playing.
  • When Fantine sings 'I dreamed a dream', not all of her teeth are discolored. White teeth are visible (from her canines backwards) towards the end of the song.
  • When Thénardier and Madame Thénardier are being carried downstairs and out of Marius and Cosette's house, you can see Marius' ring both appear and disappear from Thénardier's finger.
  • At the beginning of "ABC Cafe," when Enjolras sings the line, "We need a sign," the part in his hair is suddenly on the other side.
  • In the "Master of the House" scene where Thénardier is fleecing his guests, there are signs for "glasses" and "eyes" and a menu that is completely written in English but should be in French.
  • Thernadier speaks in different accents throughout the film; sometimes he has a British accent while other times he uses a comically bad French accent.


  • When Javert is contemplating suicide, he is on a bridge over the River Seine and is east of the Notre Dame cathedral. As we are shown the flowing river and as he jumps into the river, the river current is shown to flow eastward (away from Notre Dame). The River Seine actually flows to the west as it goes past Notre Dame.
  • After "A Little Fall of Rain", Enjolras, who is wearing a red jacket, and another character kneel down to pick up the dying Éponine. As the shot changes, it is clear Enjolras is standing up while carrying Eponine. However, in the following shot, the other character has Eponine in his arms and Enjolras is kneeling behind Marius.
  • When Jean Valjean is confessing to Marius, a wardrobe in the bedroom appears and disappears behind Marius.
  • When Enjolras is killed, we see him standing by the window and raising the red flag in his right hand. As he falls backwards the shot changes and we see him fall and hang out of the window, but the flag is now in his left hand.
  • Thénardier never gives Marius his ring back, yet he is clearly wearing it when Valjean is dying.
  • As Javert is walking on the ledge before he commits suicide, the blood just under his right-side hairline disappears and reappears.
  • When Gavroche is shot and killed at the barricade, his eyes are open. When he is carried away from the barricades, his eyes are already shut. But when he is laid in a row with the other dead students for Javert's inspection, his eyes are open again.
  • During Jean Valjean's death scene after Fantine sang her first lines, she was seen ducking as she makes her way to her next position. This was visible when the camera was focused on Cosette and Marius.
  • When Javert commits suicide, he supposedly jumps into the river Seine in Paris, although the weir clearly seen is Pulteney Weir, on River Avon in Bath, England.
  • Just before Éponine is shot, she grabs the rifle in her left hand to pull it away from Marius. In the next shot when the gun fires, she is holding it against her body in her right hand.
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