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  • The movie is based on the George Michael song " Last Christmas."
  • Second collaboration between Paul Feig and Henry Golding after A Simple Favor (2018).
  • In addition to the title being based on the George Michael written song "Wham!: Last Christmas (1984)", songs by George Michael would be used in the film, including the unreleased "This Is How (We Want You To Get High)", which he worked on in 2016.
  • Both Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh were in Crazy Rich Asians (2018).
  • This is Paul Feig's second film to be shot in Univisium 2.00:1 after A Simple Favor (2018)., which also starred Henry Golding.
  • Emilia Clarke's second romantic film. Her first was Me Before You (2016) with Sam Claflin.
  • George Michael himself worked at a homeless shelter, although anonymously.
  • Wham! donated all the royalties of the original song, Wham!: Last Christmas (1984), to Ethiopian famine relief.
  • A tie-in book is released with the movie's release, written by Emma Thompson and husband Greg Wise, with essays regarding the meaning of Christmas: "Last Christmas: Memories of Christmases past - and hopes for future ones". The book features contributions by Andy Serkis, Caitlin Moran, Olivia Colman and Emily Watson
  • Throughout the years, the song, Last Christmas, has been covered by Carly Rae Jepsen, Eliza Doolittle, Ariana Grande, Good Charlotte, Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff, and Taylor Swift, on official studio recordings.
  • As of 2018, the song "Last Christmas" still remains a popular Holiday classic. On December 24th 2018, it generated 7 million streams on Spotify, claiming the most streams in a single day for a song released in the 1980's. The same year, the official video generated 65 million views on YouTube throughout the month of December.
  • Wham!: Last Christmas (1984) was recorded in August 1984. The first trailer for this film premiered in August 2019.
  • Emma Thompson first started working on the script in 2010.
  • Paul Feig was originally not interested in doing another Holiday-comedy, after his previous entry, Unaccompanied Minors (2006), was a critical and commercial failure. However, after reading the script, personally sent to him by Emma Thompson, he was convinced.
  • During Ingrid Oliver's audition, she was not asked to read from the script, but to improvise with Emma Thompson in front of Paul Feig. She described the experience as "mental" as she is a huge fan of Thompson and Feig.
  • Emma Thompson's first Holiday-themed film since Love, Actually (2003), also a comedy set in London, released by Universal Pictures.
  • Emilia Clarke did her own singing in the film.
  • Second Christmas-themed film for Emma Thompson, the first being Love, Actually (2003).
  • During a Homeless fundraiser event near the end of the film, Emilia's singing was clearly overdubbed.
  • Filmed on location in London. In order to avoid crowds interrupting filming, many scenes would start filming around 2AM.
  • (Cameo) Andrew Ridgeley: The Wham! member is seen among the crowd during the Christmas show.
  • Emilia Clarke clearly is over dubbed in the big finale play number.
  • This film mirrors a highly acclaimed Nordic gay-friendly 20 minute short Cognitio (2018) starring talented Lasse Steen Jensen.
  • During the scene where Kate's father is driving her home in his cab, Emilia Clarke's dragon tattoos can be briefly seen on her wrist. Emilia got the tattoos during the final season of Game of Thrones as an homage to her character.
  • When the store owner is showing tacky Christmas items to the man to whom she is attracted, she grabs one of three orange ceramic monkeys and either intentionally or by mistake refers to it as a "Christmas Gibbon". In fact, they are called "Yule Gibbons", a pun upon the name of the natural food activist Euell Gibbons.
  • Dora is played by Anna Calder-Marshall who starred in Wuthering Heights (1970) as Cathy with Timothy Dalton.
  • Crazy credits: After the traditional credits, the vintage Universal Studios logo with "The Entertainment Center of the World" and image, "When in Hollywood, visit Universal Studios" with a tourist trolley on a film set. Also seen at the end of "Galactica 1980," "The Last Starfighter" and "Animal House." The latter adds to the "When in Hollywood ask for Babs" who is a character in the film.
  • Went #1 at the UK box office during its opening weekend.
  • Marks the first writing collaboration of spouses Emma Thompson and Greg Wise, a process that was 8 years in the making.
  • There is a scene where Kate asks Tom if he's really trying to act like James Bond. Michelle Yeoh was in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).
  • Peter Mygind (Tall Dane) filmed his on-screen with his wife reading Michelle Yeoh's lines and his son filming the scene.


  • The movie is about a woman finding love during Christmas while dealing with a heart condition set to music by George Michael. George Michael died of a heart attack on Christmas Day.
  • Kate's sickness over her heart condition in the film eerily (and perhaps intentionally) mirrors Emilia Clarke's own brush with death. During the early seasons of Game of Thrones (2011) in 2011 and 2013, she was struck by two separate brain aneurysms that nearly killed her.
  • Theories on the film stated that Henry Golding is really a ghost whose heart was given to Emilia Clarke's character, who had a heart transplant operation.
  • Kate mentions Frozen where she was auditioning for a part for the film. Strangely enough Frozen 2 is out a week after this film.
  • The twist is Tom is a ghost and Kate got his heart.
  • Throughout the movie only Kate (Emilia Clarke) interacts with Tom (Henry Golding) because she is the only one that can see him. His reflection can also not be seen throughout the movie (the side of the bus, shop windows)
  • The trailers for the film were strongly criticized for explicitly hinting at the twist ending (that Tom was a ghost the entire time), leading to most viewers and critics guessing the entire plot three months before seeing the movie.
  • Last Christmas almost mirrors the 2000 romantic drama Return To Me where a young woman receives a heart transplant which belonged to the deceased wife of the man she falls for, as his wife died in a car accident a year prior. In Last Christmas Kate gets a heart transplant but is belonging to the man that she starts to fall for, little does she known that he appears as a ghost the whole time
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