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Quotes from Last Christmas

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    • Tom: It's good luck you know.
    • Kate: What is?
    • Tom: Getting pooed on by a bird.
    • Kate: I'm busy, you're weird, good-bye!
    • Tom: There's no such thing as normal. It's a stupid word. Does a lot of damage.
    • Tom: Every little action of the common day makes or unmakes character.
    • Kate: Why can I feel you
    • Tom: Because I'm apart of you. Take care of my heart
    • Kate: Yeah I promise
    • Tom: It was always going to be yours one way or another.
    • Young Kate: Let me tell you a secret put it in your heart and keep it something that I want you to know
    • Kate: I'm auditioning for Frozen. You know one has magical powers the other doesn't and it's on ice.
    • Kate: I'm a mess
    • Tom: Yeah sort of
    • Kate: When I was I'll I had a heart transplant
    • Tom: Oh.
    • Kate: They took my heart away.
    • Tom: Can I.. its ok
    • Kate: Now I cant do anything.
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