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  • By 1999. Yugoslavia consisted of Serbia and Montenegro. The civil war in Yugoslavia ended in 1995. Kate says her family had to escape and near the end of the film we find out that Kate's family is from Croatia. In the opening scene, it is written ex-Yugoslavia and the year is 1999, so the war had been over for 4 years and they didn't need to escape from any fighting in Croatia. The only war fought in 1999. was at Kosovo, the territory of Serbia at the time, and the only actual danger was coming from the NATO bombings.
  • According to information displayed on the screen, the "present day" story is taking place in December 2017. However, the day and date displayed on Kate's phone regarding her audition appointment corresponds to December 2016, not 2017.
  • When questioning Santa and Kate after the break-in, right after one of them asks how to spell "ordinary", the police officers positions are reversed in the new camera angle.
  • The scar Kate shows to Tom is far too small to represent a status after a cardiac transplant. It should run over the breastbone from the top of the chest as the breastbone needs to be cut in the mid-line in order for the surgeon to open up the chest cavity and reach the heart. Earlier in the film when Kate sits at the table with her family she wears a low cut blouse and there is also no scar visible over the breastbone.
  • Throughout the movie Kate appears to be taking no medication at all. The least you would expect her to take is medication to prevent rejection of the donor-heart (this may be a deliberate omission by the filmmakers in order to prevent a plot giveaway).
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