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  • (at around 36 mins) When Master Shifu throws two clay discs into the air for Master Tigress to demonstrate the proper use of a split kick, you can see more on the ground. The aerial view is missing the other discs.
  • (at around 14 mins) Po gets dirty when he lands in the arena, but after he is selected as the Dragon Warrior, he is clean again.
  • (at around 3 mins) When Po wakes up in the beginning of the movie, a throwing star falls down and lands on the floor. Later, when he tries to throw it back up on the wall, the original throwing star is still in the wall.
  • (at around 21 mins) After Po accidentally breaks the Urn of Whispering Warriors, the pieces move around on the floor.
  • (at around 12 mins) When Po tries to use the bamboo to vault into the ceremony, he makes a big crack in the wall - however, this disappears right away as it is never to be seen again.
  • (at around 32 mins) During Tai Lung's escape scene, he tosses 4 spears into the air. When he jumps up, he kicks only 3 spears, but 4 are shown crashing into the prison wall.
  • (at around 58 mins) Before Po catches the last dumpling, he jumps over and behind Shifu. In the following close shot, Shifu is looking straight up as if Po was still right above him. Moreover, in this close shot, Po's shadow passes over Shifu. This is inconsistent too, as Po's shadow clearly points away from Shifu in the next shot. As Po was already behind Shifu, so was his shadow.
  • Tai Lung, a snow leopard, is at times heard emitting a tiger-like roar - a sound snow leopards are unable to make due to their lack of a larynx. Since this is a fantasy where snow leopards and other animals talk, wear clothing, and have other anthropomorphic abilities, this is unremarkable.
  • Oogway says: "Look at this tree, Shifu. I cannot make it blossom when it suits me nor make it bear fruit before its time." However, the peach tree is both blossoming AND bearing fruit which is impossible for a peach tree. They blossom first and then bear fruit much later in the season.
  • During the end credits, each character appears with their actor and Chinese name. The Chinese character for Tai Lung is missing a dot, making it Da Lung instead.
  • During the climactic fight scene between Po and Tai Lung, whenever either is covered by a cloud of dust/dirt from hitting the ground, neither has any dust/dirt on their coats.
  • When Shifu takes Po to the place where Oogway discovered kung fu, the overhead shot revealing the shape of the yin-yang symbol has as the black dot the formation in the water right across from Po which was not there in a previous shot.
  • After Shifu is done training Po and invites him to eat dumplings, Po takes a dumpling which then returns in the next shot.
  • When Po finally gets to eat a dumpling but instead yields it to Shifu, Shifu throws it a short distance behind him and the clinking of a bowl can be heard, even though the dumpling bowls are now much farther away.


  • When Po is fighting Tai Lung, Po hits Tai Lung right into a house, destroying a part of it. Yet after he defeats Tai Lung and the villagers come back, you can see that the house is clearly fixed as if it never happened.
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