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  • The seal on the front of the medical lab and "the letter" are identified as being in/from Norfolk County Massachusetts. But the letterhead names the town as Marlborough, which is in Middlesex County.
  • During the porch scene, Blanc and the cops' breaths are visible, implying it's a cold day, but Marta's is not, which would seem to suggest her coverage was shot on another, warmer day.
  • When Marta goes over Mr. Thrombey's drug regimen, she states that he injured his shoulder about a week ago. Therefore, she is giving him 100 mg of Toradol followed by 3 mg of Morphine for sleep. Toradol is only given in doses of 15 mg/ml or 30 mg/ml. In addition, one isn't supposed to give more than 60 mg/ml in a single dose. In addition, it should only be given for five days or less.
  • At the start of the reading of the will, the attorney states that a new will was written by Harlen Thromby a week ago and was not filed with Probate Court at that time. In Massachusetts, the will is a confidential document of the testator (Harlan) until he dies, and is not filed until after death, and cannot be made public until it is accepted by the Registrar or the Court.
  • When Marta picks up the mail off of the floor, the envelope she finds is crisp and clean. When she goes into her apartment and sets the mail down, the envelope is now crinkled and damaged. You can tell it has been opened, but she continues to open it as if it's the first time. Likely the production only had one copy of the envelope and this was a later take.
  • When Harlan slits his throat, you can hear the metallic sound of a knife being unsheathed.
  • The U-turn that Marta performs to initiate "the dumbest car chase of all time" is shown in two shots (separated by a brief cut to Blanc's reaction). In the first shot the vehicle leaves no tire marks on the road, but the second shows new skid marks on parts of the surface that had previously been driven over cleanly.
  • When Blanc asks Marta about how she was hired by Harlan, she seems to cross her arms from the back. In the next shot when she is speaking to answer the question, her arms are down by her side. Her arms are suddenly crossed again in the next shot. making it clear that two different cuts from two different angles are used.


  • When Marta throws up on Ransom, he has his entire face dripping from her vomit. When he stabs her, it's all gone and is completely removed when he is arrested.
  • Marta purposefully sinks her white sneakers deeply in the mud, repeatedly, but immediately after, her sneakers are completely clean again.
  • Marta believes that she has accidentally given Harlan 100mg of morphine, yet the bottled is labeled as 5mg/cc, and it is a 10mg bottle, therefore the most she could have given was 50mg. The lowest concentration of Ketorolac is 15mg/cc, and that one cc is the complete IV dose for an 85-year-old, so how could such a mistake ever occur?
  • Ransom injects Fran with morphine from the vial in Marta's medical bag. He previously switched the medications so the vial labeled "morphine" contains Harlan's pain medication, not morphine. Obviously, Ransom would remember doing so, which is why he switched the drugs back before injecting Fran with the morphine. Switching them back would be the only way he could frame Marta for Fran's death.
  • To remove recorded video surveillance evidence, Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas) uses a fridge magnet to quickly and successfully erase a VHS video cassette tape. However, it is never ever possible to erase a VHS video cassette tape by using only a fridge magnet. You can only erase VHS video cassette tapes by using a $100.00 mains-powered heavy-duty video degausser, purchased from a specialist electronic parts/service center. In sixty seconds, these devices send a strong powerful electromagnetic field through both sides of the VHS video cassette. Obliterating the existing magnetic recording, these devices quickly un-record the entire VHS video cassette tape.
  • The spot of blood on Marta's shoe would have turned brown after drying out.
  • Blanc explains that after Marta's confession Ransom knew that she hadn't actually given Harlan an overdose of morphine, but that cannot be. After all, she herself hadn't even realized she had automatically switched back the vials so it couldn't have come out in her confession. Marta would have explained that she had given Harlan a 100 mg dose of what she afterwards saw came from the morphine vial. Since Ransom had switched the drugs, he knew that she had given Harlan 100 mg of Toradol, the correct dosage - this is why he afterwards sought to destroy the toxicology lab and Harlan's reports, which, when combined with the autopsy report, would prove that Harlan got the correct dosage and thereby prove Marta's innocence.
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