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  • Esteban Vihaio places his glasses on his book with the temples unfolded. In subsequent shots, the glasses appear folded and finally unfolded again.
  • When The Bride is stuck in the coffin, and starts punching it, the first two times you can see cracks all around the place she hit, then when it comes back for the third and fourth times, all the cracks are gone.
  • The extreme close-up of the bride's face as she looks down upon Budd's trailer shows the reflection of the cameraman in her eyes.
  • When The Bride is trying to drown Elle in the toilet, you can clearly see the plexiglass in front of the camera (scratches are visible on the sides).
  • At the end of the fight scene when Elle Driver retrieves the Hanzo sword from down the passageway, she throws off the sheath of the sword, hitting the ceiling lamp behind her and knocking the light out. In the next shot, the light is back on and the lamp is hanging perfectly still.
  • In Budd's camper, Budd prepares Margaritas for himself and Elle. His prep and pouring are very sloppy and we see the mix splashing all on the cutting board as he pours it into the glasses. Then, as we view him coming around the counter to serve Elle her drink, the cutting board is clean and appears dry.
  • During Elle and the Bride's fight scene (in Budd's trailer), the Bride throws a can of tobacco spit in Elle's face. After Elle says "Gross", the spit is not on her face when the camera returns to Elle.
  • About a minute into the Bride/Elle Driver trailer fight scene, Elle sends the Bride tumbling into a wooden rocking chair, thus knocking over a coffee can containing expelled dipping tobacco fluid. When she recovers, the can has somehow been righted and is ready for the Bride to grab and empty in Elle's face.
  • During the fight between the Bride and Elle Driver, Elle's boots change from Stiletto heels to normal heels. In the beginning of the fight Elle drives her stiletto heel into the Bride's foot. Later on, while they are fighting in the bathroom, you can clearly see Elle's boot with a different, western boot style heel.
  • When the Bride rips off the antenna from the TV in the trailer, a bottle of "Black Death Icelandic Schnapps" falls down. In the next scene, the bottle is standing on the TV again.
  • When Budd is confronted by his boss Larry, the boom mic is reflected in Larry's sunglasses.
  • During the fight between Elle Driver and the Bride, the eye patch moves and you can see the reflection of the "missing" eye beneath it.
  • At the wedding rehearsal, the minister's gestures for the seating arrangements are incorrect.
  • When the Bride is being buried alive, several times a faint reflection can be seen from the head of her flashlight, despite being six feet underground.
  • When the bride is stuck in coffin, she hits hard it and her hand gets bloody. In the next scene in the café her hands are clean.
  • When Budd and Elle are in the trailer talking, Budd pours only a little margarita in each glass, spilling a large amount on the table. Each glass can be seen less than half full. When he walks towards Elle and hands her a glass, both glass are more than half full. Each glass is obviously more full than in the previous scene.
  • When The Bride is outside Budd's trailer, she is wearing a tan leather jacket and it is zipped, when she opens the trailer door, there is no jacket. In the next shot, she is wearing an unzipped jacket. When she is on the ground and in the coffin, there is no jacket.
  • When the chapter "Elle and I" starts, we see Elle pass a truck as she drives by. Behind the truck, we see another car coming. However, if you look to the right in the next shot, we see the car never passes by.
  • As Elle calls Budd, you can see her holding a cigarette with her right hand and holding her cell phone with her left. When the camera cuts back to Elle within a second, the positions of the objects she is holding completely switches sides.
  • When Budd is preparing to bury the Bride alive, he dumps a big piece of plywood onto the coffin and nails it down, but plywood is impossible to punch through, so when the Bride goes to punch her way out of the coffin, it's now made of slats, conveniently arranged so that the grain works with her.
  • The bride's hair is longer in the "next morning" scene in the hotel room than it was the night before at Bill's.
  • When BB fell asleep after watching Shogun with Mommy, Bea covers BB fully with her blanket, and puts BB's doll fully under the blanket, in the next scene we see the doll outside of the blanket. Also in the wider angle scene which Bea about to leave the room, we see BB's blanket is not fully covering her but over her belly.
  • When Beatrix is on the patio, after being "shot" by her daughter, she is sitting on the ground hugging her, the sword on her back disappears and reappears numerous times between shots.
  • When Elle drives up to Budd's trailer, she parks pretty close to and at a 45 degree angle to the trailer. When they show the scene later from Bea's point-of-view, Elle now parks the car father away and at a 90 degree angle to the trailer.
  • While Budd is dying and Elle is reading from her notebook, the notebook is shown. The bottom of one page is the phrase "from a single bite", however when she reads this page, she has to flip to another page to read this line.
  • Outside the "little chapel in El Paso" at the Bride's wedding, there can clearly be seen a Joshua Tree. There are no Joshua Trees in Texas.
  • At the beginning of the talk between Beatrix and Esteban Vihaio there is a glass of brandy on the table in front of him, between the lighter and the book. Next time the table is visible the glass is missing.
  • When Bill is making his 'superheroes' speech to the Bride, he states that DC Comics' Superman is unique among superheroes in that he actually IS the hero, and his day-to-day persona (Clark Kent in this case) is his ASSUMED identity. However, this is also true of Marvel Comics's Thor, who actually IS the demigod/superhero, and ASSUMES several human identities.
  • Budd shot Bea with a load of rock salt in the chest, and blew a hole in her clothes and chest and bloodied her clothes and chest. By the time Bea made it back to the trailer, the blood and mess were gone and no wound existed in her chest.
  • As Beatrix is reading the instructions of the pregnancy test, the second hand of her Rolex is ticking. The second hand of a Rolex doesn't tick, it sweeps.
  • When Bill shoots the Bride with the Indisputable Truth dart, the liquid inside increases after the initial view.
  • As seen in the Elle vs Bride brawl, it would be highly impractical to swordfight in a single wide trailer as depicted. Considering that katanas are about three feet long, there would not be adequate space to properly fight without obstructions.
  • When Beatrix is training with Pai Mei she is punching the wood training her right hand. When she is seen punching the window sill, and screaming she does it with her left hand which is the wrong hand.
  • When Bud opens the suitcase to look at the money, the bills are stacked horizontally in the middle section, and vertically in the side sections, but in the next shot, all are stacked horizontally. In the next camera angle, they switch back again.
  • Esteban Vihaio incorrectly refers to The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946), with John Garfield as 'The Postman Always Ring Twice', with 'John Garfields'.
  • Bud's pickup tailgate is held closed (vertically) by pins retained on chains. When the pins are removed, they must be re-inserted differently to support the tailgate in the horizontal position. Bud doesn't do this before slamming the tailgate down, but the sound is distinctly that of a tailgate stopping on it supports. When the shot changes, the tailgate is unsupported, resting on the bumper. Slamming a tailgate down that way makes a very different sound because it bends the tailgate metal.
  • When Bill has been hit with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique he wipes blood from his mouth. There are still smears of blood on his chin and neck when he asks "How do I look?", but the blood is gone in the next shots.
  • When Bud goes back home to his trailer house, and "the Bride" is seen underneath his trailer, she crawls out and looks around for a bit - and then we hear a dog or dogs barking. It _sounds_ like 2 dogs are barking from inside the house, which makes him look out the window, and causes "the Bride" to hide against the wall underneath the window while Bud is looking outside. Minutes later, she opens the door and he shoots her with rock salt in the chest. There are no dogs in the house. In all of the scenes, for the rest of the movie, where we see the inside of Bud's trailer house... there are no dogs there. There were ALSO no dogs, in or around the house (or even the sounds of nearby dogs barking), when Bill visited earlier or when Bud left the house earlier that day to go to work. So WHY was there a sudden and mysterious sound of dogs barking (apparently from inside the house) when "the Bride" was stepping on the gravel outside, about to enter the house - after crawling out from underneath it?
  • In Bill's house, after Bill shots the fruit bowl in front of Beatrix, the fruit splatters onto her chest and in the shots of her in the scene, the splatter stains, chucks on her chest, etc changes positions, disappears, etc with every shot.
  • When Bea takes off her necklace to leave for her daughter and looks at it, it is a thin gold chain. When she drapes it over the picture, it a different chain that is thicker and red with large beads.
  • Buds trailer appears to be in a flash flood ravine, nobody in the desert would build anything or even stays very long in such a place.
  • When the Bride takes her boots off in the coffin and when she enters the diner, she has black socks on. Later when she is walking to Budd's trailer she is completely barefoot.
  • Bill is cutting the crusts off a sandwich. After a cut the rusts are gone and Bill is cutting the sandwich in half.
  • At around and hour and 13 minutes Budd is supposed to be dead but we can clearly see the actor move his hand and breath.
  • The book, "The Carruan's of Kurrajong" is instantly recognizable as being fake. As with such words as "their" and "there", a common problem with those who slept through English class is that when a word ends in "s" people often insert an apostrophe before the s for no reason whatsoever, changing the word from plural (as in a group of people named Carrucan) into possessive (as in something that belongs to a Carrucan).
  • The song "A Fistfull of Dollars" is credited "From 'Per un Pugano di Dollari'", being "Per un Pugno di Dollari" the correct reference.
  • (at the 1h55m40s mark) Before Bill gets hit with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, the position of the bottle he is drinking from keeps changing, with the label pointing towards us sometimes and away from us other times.


  • Many errors are thought to be deliberate, or, at least, left in as a matter of stylistic choice in this pastiche of 1970s "B" action movies. * When Beatrix is trying to escape from the grave, she damages her right hand, which bleeds. When she goes into the coffee shop, her hand is fine. * Bill wipes away some of the blood on his face; in the next shot it is gone completely. * Budd's boss scribbles a continuous line through the roster, but in the next shot the scribble is disjointed. * During the final conversation between Bill and Bea, the label on Bill's bottle keeps rotating between shots. * When Bill hands BB her sandwich, the cutting board is clear of the cut crusts. In the next shot, he cleans the cutting board clear of the crusts to continue making another sandwich. * When Budd kicks Bea's sword away outside his trailer, it sticks into the side of the garbage can. When it cuts back the sword is on the ground. Cut again, the sword is back in the can. Then you hear Budd pick it up off the ground as he's talking to Elle. * When Bea enters Budd's trailer her jacket is zipped up. After he shoots her and she's lying on the ground, it's open. * Before Bea is put into the coffin, her legs are tied with a long piece of skin. In the coffin, they are tied with a belt. * When fighting in Budd's trailer, Bea sticks Elle's head in his toilet. Later in the fight, you can see the toilet with lid closed and porn mags stacked on it which is quickly followed by a shot with the lid up again when Elle is thrashing around blind. * In final conversation between Bill and Bea at the patio table, the cork bottle top continually changes position between shots. * When Bea is getting ready to sit down on Bill's circular couch in his living room, the wide shot reveals her about to sit down with a red pillow behind her. In the following medium shot, the pillow has moved to her left. * Bill cuts three crusts off BB's sandwich. In the next shot all four crusts are cut off. * When Bea is underground punching a hole in the coffin, there are no knots visible to us on the first punch she gives, though after the first punch, 2 knots are appear. * When Pai Mei shoves the bowl with rice at the Bride, it stops at the edge of the table. In the next shot it is much closer to the middle of the table. * A bandage on Elle's right middle finger disappears and then reappears several times in Budd's trailer. * When Elle is fighting Bea, in the beginning, Bea cuts Elle's face with a TV antenna. But later in the fight, when they both have samurai swords, the cuts not there. * When Bill poses as Arlene's father, he has his hand on Bea's left shoulder. His hand subsequently disappears and reappears between shots. * In the final chapter where Bea goes to Mexico for her final showdown with Bill, we see her driving in a convertible with a new, much shorter and blonder haircut. All of the subsequent events show her with the shorter blonder 'do, but then in the final scene (the next morning) where she is with BB in the hotel room, her hair is long and dirty blonde again. * When Budd is talking to Elle in his trailer he rests his right foot on the suitcase of money. In the next shot it's his left foot then back to the right foot again.
  • After Bea hits Bill with the 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart technique, he is only supposed to be able to walk 5 steps before dropping dead (according to the legend of the move's power), yet he manages 6 steps (hard to see the first step since it's below the camera's vision).
  • Bill says that it was in the third month of mourning Beatrix that he tracked her down and found she was getting married. However, it is whilst she is in LA to kill Lisa Wong that Beatrix discovers she is pregnant, and when we see her at the wedding, supposedly three months later, she appears to be in a much later stage of pregnancy than she should be. But when Bill said he tracked her down three months' later, he may have meant that that was when he found out where Beatrix was (living in El Paso with Tommy). It is conceivable that Bill then waited until several months later so that he could fully plan his attack and perhaps deliberately choosing the day before Beatrix's wedding for maximum effect.
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