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  • The term 'Kadaram Kondan' means the 'Conqueror of Kadaram'.
  • Kadaaram (Kedah) being the capital of Malaysia, and the one who had conquered Kadaram or Conqueror of Kadaram/Malaysia.
  • The title 'Kadaram Kondan' was given to Raja Raja Cholan when he had conquered Kedah.
  • Although 90 percent of the film was shot in Malaysia, the film was not released in that country. According to Lotus Five Star, holder of the film's distribution and theatrical rights in Malaysia, the movie was banned per orders of LPF (Film Censorship Board of Malaysia) due to the story's portrayal of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) in a negative light and for portraying police officers as corrupt and for scenes which supposedly inaccurately and misleadingly represent the police force. In addition, the makers of the film failed to get necessary police permits to shoot scenes in Malaysia; the Malaysian law requires that film production receives permission from the relevant authorities such as FINAS, PUSPAL and others before shooting.
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