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  • Official remake of Telugu breakthrough movie "Arjun Reddy" starring Vijay Deverakonda & Shalini Pandey in titular roles.
  • Shahid Kapoor lost 14 kg of weight to do Kabir Singh.
  • The actress playing " dadi " of shahid is Kamini Kaushal... she is most famous for playing mother to " bharat " manoj kumar in umpteen old movies...
  • Film's director Sandeep Reddy Vanga thought of giving the lead role to Shahid Kapoor after watching trailer of 'Udta Punjab' , when his film Arjun Reddy was in pre-production.
  • Sandeep Reddy Vanga is the same director who directed Arjun Reddy remade as Kabir Singh.
  • Sandeep Reddy Vanga shot the portion in which Shahid Kapoor have a look with long hair and beard, then shot the part when there are long hair and no beard and then shot the part in which he has a normal look, If they shot in a sequence, they have to wait for four months to get a new look.
  • Ashwin Varde who acquired the rights wanted Arjun Kapoor for lead.But Sandeep Vanga had already signed Shahid Kapoor.
  • Tara Sutaria was to debut in the film but left the film to debut in Student Of The Year 2 : 2018.
  • Arjan Bajwa wasn't willing to play elder brother to Shahid Kapur.But was convinced by Sandeep Vanga.
  • Legendry actress Kamini Kaushal makes an appearance in a film after many years.
  • Director Sandeep Vanga Reddy was shooting for his film Arjun Reddy when his son was born. So, while in the midst of the shooting, he decided to name his son after the character of the movie. So, apparently the name of his son is Arjun Reddy. The director has officially revealed this in some of his interviews.
  • The movie is currently the highest grossing movie of 2019 and 9th highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time at domestic box office.
  • The film was criticized by many people for being anti feminist but was a blockbuster.
  • Shahid Kapur a non smoker in real life had to smoke 200 cigarettes a day for the role.
  • Tara Sutaria rejected the film as she found her role wasn't meatier.
  • Shahid Kapoor revealed he used to take a shower for 2 hours after shooting as he didn't want to take home the negativity of his character and affect his family.


  • The entire portion from the time where kabir loses consciousness to the point he is implicated in a legal case, right till his confession to the special court that he was heavily drunk while he was performing the surgery is completely lifted from Denzel Washington-starrer Flight (2002). Even the dialogues between him and his lawyer are heavily inspired from Flight.
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