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  • In the early development stage of the film, Tom Hanks & Tim Allen were once considered for the 2 lead roles but do to the film never getting out of development during the course, plans fell through. If the casting would have came to fruition, this would have been Hanks & Allen's first onscreen collaboration together but also would have been the first time they've ever met in person. While they have voiced the Toy Story franchise primary characters of Woody & Buzz Lightyear since the 90s, Hanks & Allen have never crossed paths as their voice over work through the years have always been done at different times.
  • During an interview, Dwayne Johnson proposed an idea to have Patty Jenkins direct this film. The idea came to him after seeing a private pre-screening of Wonder Woman (2017) at the Warner Bros. Studio lot as Johnson was impressed with her work on the film. Jenkins ultimately was not offered the position.
  • In 2011, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were in talks to star in a different iteration of the project.
  • The movie is said to be in the vein of The African Queen (1951), and Dwayne Johnson's character is inspired by Indiana Jones.
  • This would be the second collaboration to star Dwayne Johnson and Paul Giamatti since San Andreas (2015).
  • Jesse Plemons and Emily Blunt have co-starred in blockbuster films with Tom Cruise, Plemons in American Made and Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow
  • The LGBTQ community became noticeably upset and slammed the film when it was announced that Disney's first openly gay character would be played by Jack Whitehall, a straight white man. The community voiced their disappointment at the missed opportunity to cast an openly homosexual actor in the role of an open homosexual. A similar situation happened months prior with Scarlet Johanssen, who was set to play a Trans man in "Rub & Tug". No changes to the cast have since been announced.
  • Emily Blunt's fourth Disney film after The Muppets (2011), Into the Woods (2014) and Mary Poppins Returns (2018).
  • Dwayne Johnson's fourth Disney film after The Game Plan (2007), Race to Witch Mountain (2009), and Moana (2016).
  • Disney replaced a Marvel movie with this movie.
  • This is Jack Whitehall's first Disney movie. He was originally in Frozen (2013) but his role was cut from the film.
  • There are several elements from the park attraction featured in the trailer. The most notable is the "back side of water" gag that most of the cast members use during the attraction.
  • The river in this movie is the Amazon River which is in South America. The Jungle Cruise Ride takes place in Africa.
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