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Quotes from Jumanji: The Next Level

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    • Young Bethany: I think he went back in. We gotta go get him.
    • Young Fridge: Are you out of your mind?
    • Mouse Finbar: Did I die and turn into a small muscular boy scout?
    • Dr Smolder Bravestone: Who is Jumanji?
    • Mouse Finbar: Is that Barbara's boy?
    • Professor Shelly Oberon: No, no, no! I'm the old fat dude! This can't be happening!
    • Milo Walker: What in the Sam Hill?
    • Professor Shelly Oberon: You got to have eyes in the back of your...
    • [gets attacked from behind by a python]
    • [Eddie tries out Dr Bravestone's smoldering intensity]
    • Mouse Finbar: Are you having a heart attack? Breathe! Breathe! His whole left side is shutting down!
    • Eddie: Getting old is a gift. I forget that sometimes, but it is. What more could a guy possibly want?
    • [in the desert; reading his list of strengths and weaknesses]
    • Professor Shelly Oberon: And for weaknesses, endurance. And what else? Let's see... heat, sun, and sand.
    • [punches chest and the list disappears]
    • Professor Shelly Oberon: Shouldn't be a problem. It's not like we're in the middle of a goddamn desert or anything!
    • [Jumanji drums beat while a herd of ostriches run toward the stranded group, while Milo as Finbar is stalling to speak]
    • Mouse Finbar: Oh! There's one more thing about ostriches.
    • Professor Shelly Oberon: Oh, no...
    • Ruby Roundhouse: Say it!
    • Mouse Finbar: They travel in herds.
    • [ostrich screeches while it and its herd hone in on the group]
    • Mouse Finbar: Why does everybody keep dropping from the sky?
    • Eddie: Everybody should be so lucky to have a friend like Milo.
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