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Goofs from Jumanji: The Next Level

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  • Eddie's eyeglass frames change from black rimmed in the kitchen, to rimless when he goes to bed, then back to black rimmed the following morning.
  • When Spencer is carrying his suitcase while walking in the snow in New York, it's so heavy that he can barely carry it. When he arrives at his Mom's house, however, he has no problem carrying it at all, as it's clearly empty.
  • When they are thrown from the plane early on in the film, Bravestone clearly lands on his front. He is the first character focused on immediately afterwards, yet is sits up, with no transition from his front to back at any point.
  • When Spencer is placing the toothpaste in the supermarket, the white side of the toothpaste box is facing front. After he is interrupted by the manager, the white side faces down.
  • After Fridge mentions having boobs being switched with Martha he mentions it was the first thing he touched. He didn't.
  • When Fridge lands on the rope bridge, he twists his right ankle. When Martha wraps it, she wraps his left.
  • When Fridge (as Professor Shelly Oberon) jumps to the last floating bridge, he twists his right ankle and is shown limping with his right leg while he is on land. Yet, later on, when Spencer (as Ming Fleetfoot) is tending to Fridge's injury, he is wrapping Fridge's left ankle.
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