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    • Judy Garland: I just want what everybody wants. I seem to have a harder time getting it.
    • Dr. Hargreaves: Do you take anything for depression?
    • Judy Garland: Four husbands. Didn't work.
    • Louis B. Mayer: You're my favorite, Judy.
    • Judy Garland: I'm only Judy Garland for an hour a night.
    • Judy Garland: Do you... do you want to, ehm, get some dinner? I mean, if you're not doing anything?
    • Stan: ...You mean with us?
    • Judy Garland: Oh, I don't want to impose.
    • [first lines]
    • Louis B. Mayer: What do you see beyond this wall? Picture it. You've got an imagination; go ahead. What I see is a small town in the Midwest. A handful of churches, somewhere for the farmers to get drunk together. Maybe a salon for their wives to do their hair on the holidays. I visit these places. These are the people who send us our profits. Who send us your wages. I make movies, Judy, but it's your job to give those people dreams. The economy is in the gutter, and they pay for you. And I'll tell you something else: In every one of those towns, believe me, there's a girl who's prettier than you. Maybe their nose is a little thinner at the bridge; they have better teeth than you; or they're taller, or slimmer. Only you have something none of those pretty girls can ever have. You know what that is?
    • Young Judy: No, sir.
    • Louis B. Mayer: You have that voice. It will maybe take you to Oz. Some place none of those pretty girls can ever go.
    • [last lines]
    • Judy Garland: I love you all. You won't forget me, will you? Promise you won't.
    • Judy Garland: They hound people in this world. Anybody who's different. They can't stand it. Well, to hell with them.
    • Judy Garland: Two years ago. Tried to kill myself.
    • Dr. Hargreaves: That won't have helped your voice.
    • Mickey Deans: Sweetheart, I already said I love you nine times today.
    • Judy Garland: Well maybe I need ten or twelve, once an hour, like a cuckoo clock. Cuckoo! I love you!
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