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  • Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell both starred in Iron Man 2 (2010).
  • Taika Waititi, Scarlett Johansson, and Sam Rockwell have all had roles within the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Waititi appeared as Korg in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) (which he also directed) and Avengers: Endgame (2019); Johansson portrayed Black Widow in multiple MCU films; and Rockwell portrayed Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 (2010).
  • Jojo Rabbit is currently being filmed in Prague.
  • The screenplay was written in 2011. That puts it in between Boy (2010) and What We Do in the Shadows (2014) in the chronology of Taika Waititi-penned films.
  • While not actually physically appearing in the film, Scarlett Johansson does provide a cameo appearance as Black Widow in Taika Waititi's previous film, Thor: Ragnarok (2017) as a holographic message to Bruce Banner/Hulk.
  • When Taika Waititi, who is Maori/Jewish, was asked about why he chose to play the role of Adolf Hitler, he said "The answer's simple, what better 'fuck you' to the guy?"
  • Scarlett Johansson and Taika Waititi also starred together in "Avengers: Endgame" (2019).
  • The main adult actors all appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Taika Waititi played Korg in Thor & Avengers, Scarlett Johansson was the Black Widow In Captain America Winter Soldier & Avengers, Sam Rockwell was Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 and finally Steven Merchant was in Logan as Caliban.
  • Received an 'A' CinemaScore rating by first-weekend audiences.
  • Taika Waititi described the film as a love letter to his mother, and single parents everywhere: "It wasn't until I was a grown up and I had kids of my own that I realized 'oh, these parent people, they make a lot of sacrifices, it's really hard raising a kid!'"
  • Taika Waititi discovered in his research that WWII Germany was very vibrant and fashionable, and was interested in shying away from traditional war films showing it as dreary and dark, instead presenting the town as a seemingly celebratory place and dressing characters as stylishly as possible. He liked the idea that everything seems happy, but just underneath the surface "the third Reich is crumbling, and, you know, the dream is over."
  • Even though the spoken dialogue is all in English, all written or printed text in the movie is in German.
  • Stephen Merchant also played a role in a Marvel film: he was Caliban in Logan (2017), though that film is not connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • In Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Taika Waititi's character, Korg, is imprisoned for attempting to start a revolution against a despotic leader. In this film, Waititi *is* the despotic leader people are revolting against.
  • In one scene, the Adolf Hitler character appears in a traditional Native American headdress. Hitler was a fan of German writer Karl May, whose most famous books were supposed autobiographical tales set in the American west featuring an Apache man named Winnetou. May's books fostered a fascination in Germany for Native Americans.
  • The closing song is David Bowie's "Heroes," which is about two lovers separated by the Berlin Wall.
  • Rebel Wilson also appeared in a Marvel superhero film, Ghost Rider (2007) as the young woman Ghost Rider saves from the mugger in the alley.
  • Roman Griffin Davis also has a link to the Marvel films. His father, Ben Davis was the cinematographer for Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Doctor Strange (2016), and Captain Marvel (2019).
  • Hitler refers to the plot by Stauffenberg to kill him "last year", which would place the movie in early 1945. Later on, JoJo 's mother claims that the Americans will be landing in France. The Normandy invasion took place in June 1944, before the attempt to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944. But due to the lack of information in Germany about the successes of the allied nations, the news could have traveled underground and very well crossed each other.
  • Winner of the Audience Award at the Stockholm International Film Festival (SIFF) in 2019.
  • Towards the end you see both Soviet and American troops policing up Jojo's hometown shortly after Hitler's suicide. In reality, the western allies stopped at the Elbe River, and would not have jointly occupied any German territory at the time of Germany's surrender. (Allied troops would not have entered West Berlin until several months later.)
  • Taika Waititi said that in the scene when the Gestapo come to Jojo's house "heil Hitler" is said 31 times in one minute. He wanted a funny moment, and also wanted to illustrate how ridiculous and unnecessary Nazi protocols were.
  • Stephen Merchant said he imagined members of the Gestapo like his character as "quite petty bureaucrats" who, prior to the war received little respect, and during the war let their power go to their heads.
  • Elsa refers to Hitler as "pathetic little man who can't even grow a full mustache". In real life Hitler actually had a full mustache until WW1. Because the mustache didn't fit into the gas mask he had to cut it which became his famous mustache.
  • Elsa said that her fiancee Nathan proposed to her at the banks of the Fluss. "Fluss" is the German word for "river", which indicates that the city where the story takes place is not specified.
  • Mel Brooks, the creator of The Producers (1967), praised the film in his speech at the AFI awards: "I just saw Jojo Rabbit (2019), and it's really a terrific and eloquent and beautiful picture." [Jan. 2020]
  • The Bund deutscher Mädel in der Hitler-Jugend (League of German Girls or BdM) was the female branch of the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend: HJ). The BdM was founded in 1930 that, at first, consisted of two sections of the Jungmädel (Young Girls League) for girls from 10 to 14 years of age and the League for Girls from 14 to 18 years of age. 1938 introduced a third section the BdM-WerK Glaube und Schönheit (BDM: Society for Belief and Beauty), a voluntary organisation for young women between 17 and 21 years of age.
  • The Hitler-Jugend (Hitler Youth: H.J.) was the paramilitary organisation for the German youth. Founded in 1922 Munich, Germany and declared illegal and a criminal organisation after the fall of the Third Reich. The Hitler Youth was the second oldest paramilitary Nazi organisation whose original name being Jungsturm Adolf Hitler with the idea of recruiting and training future members of the Sturmabteilung (Stormtroopers: SA).
  • The large poster of Adolf Hitler with the young Aryan boy in the foreground, in Jojo's bedroom, roughly, reads: Youth serves the leader. All ten-year olds in the H.J.. Translated from "Jugend dient dem Führer--Alle Zehnjährigen in die HJ" and first printed in Berlin, Presse- und Propagandaamt der Reichsjugendführung in 1941.
  • Sam Rockwell said that in addition to having a dialogue coach to learn the accent, he watched classical and veteran actors like Marlon Brando, Ralph Fiennes, and Oskar Werner portray World War II-era Germans, and then decided that ultimately his character would be more like Bill Murray or Walter Matthau with a German accent.


  • The last time Adolf Hitler appears, he has gunshot wounds on his head, to reflect the fact that he has killed himself.
  • Scarlett Johansson's character is executed for circulating revolutionary leaflets. This is the same crime for which Korg (portrayed by Taika Waititi) was imprisoned in Thor: Ragnarok (2017).
  • Except for in Jojo's imagination and the posters on his wall, the "real" Adolf Hitler does not appear in this film.
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