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Quotes from Jojo Rabbit

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    • Jojo Betzler: I'm the enemy?
    • Adolf Hitler: You two seem to be getting on well!
    • Jojo Betzler: She doesn't seem like a bad person.
    • Elsa Korr: Your mother took me in. She's kind. She treats me like a person.
    • [after Elsa slaps him for lying about who won the war]
    • Jojo Betzler: Yeah, I kind of deserved that.
    • Elsa Korr: You know what I am. Say it. Say it!
    • Jojo Betzler: A Jew?
    • Elsa Korr: Gesundheit.
    • Yorki: I am going home to my mother. I need a cuddle.
    • Elsa Korr: Is it dangerous out there?
    • Jojo Betzler: Extremely.
    • Jojo Betzler: Extremely.
    • Adolf Hitler: Let them say whatever they want. People used to say a lot of nasty things about me. "Oh, this guy's a lunatic!" "Oh, look at that psycho! He's gonna get us all killed!"
    • Jojo Betzler: What am I going to do?
    • Adolf Hitler: I have no idea.
    • Adolf HitlerJojo Betzler: Got It!
    • [simultaneously]
    • Jojo Betzler: I'll negotiate.
    • [simultaneously]
    • Adolf Hitler: I'll burn down the house and blame Winston Churchill... or negotiate.
    • Adolf Hitler: I'll burn down the house and blame Winston Churchill... or negotiate.
    • Deertz: Now this is my kind of little boy's bedroom.
    • [Rosie and Jojo come upon six people hanging from a gallows in the town square]
    • Jojo Betzler: What did they do?
    • Rosie: They did what they could.
    • Jojo Betzler: I think you'll find that metal is the strongest thing on the earth followed by dynamite and then muscles.
    • Elsa Korr: I don't know anything about being a woman. Is that what it is? You do things like drink wine?
    • Rosie: Sure. You drink. Champagne if you're happy. Champagne, if you're sad. You drive a car. Gamble if you want. Own diamonds. Learn how to fire a gun. You travel to Morocco. Take up lovers. Make them suffer. You look a tiger in the eye. And trust without fear. That's what it is to be a woman.
    • Jojo Betzler: I look stupid. People will stare.
    • Rosie: Enjoy the attention, kid. Not everyone is lucky enough to look stupid.
    • Jojo Betzler: I'm way too busy for a girlfriend.
    • Elsa Korr: One day you'll make time. You'll think of nothing else. You'll meet someone, and spend your days, dreaming of the moments you can hold them in your arms again. That's love.
    • Jojo Betzler: I said to draw where Jews live.
    • Elsa Korr: This is just a stupid picture of my head. Yeah, that's where we live.
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