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  • When Rosie Betzler brings Jojo to the Hitler Youth there is a map hanging on the wall showing modern Germany instead of the Germany during the WW2-period. E.g. without Silesia or East Prussia.
  • When Rosie wipes ashes from the fireplace on her face to give herself a "beard" and pretend to be Jojo's father, she wipes her face fully but her lips seem to be spared of the ashes. This can seem to be an error but note that she wipes her face with her back to the camera so it is quite probable that she sucked in her lips as she was smearing her face, thus sparing them from the soot.
  • The "free Germany" sign Rosie is passing around is on a modern bumper sticker. This goof may well be intentional. The movie is loaded with modern references that are played for laughs (using The Beatles and David Bowie in the soundtrack and lines such as Fraulein Rahm saying "O... M... Gott" instead of saying OMG.)
  • The first time we see an American soldier waving a flag from a balcony, it is one with 50 stars instead of 48. (A common mistake in WW2 films). They later rectify this error and show an American in a Jeep waving a correct 48 star flag.
  • In an early scene, some Hitler Youth are running from left to right in the forest. However, one of them has a red armband on their right arm with the swastika reversed when the armband should be on the left arm. The film has been flipped for this to happen.
  • As Jojo and Rosie are cycling together on the main road, you can see "burnt-out" road markings.
  • Jojo's eyebrow with the scar changes from the eyebrow being shaved around the scar to not shaved and also in between these extremes.
  • Towards the end, when the Hitler Youth are sent into battle, Jojo is standing dazed while the other boys rush into combat. However, the eagle on Jojo's uniform is now on his left side. The boys' knives are now on their right side and they are all throwing grenades with their left hands. The film in this scene has been switched from left to right.
  • Rosie smears ashes on her face to simulate a beard. Moments later, she touches the white tablecloth with both hands yet it remains clean. Either she washed her hands between cuts or, more likely, the ashes/beard were applied by the makeup artist - Rosie's back is to the camera, so we never really see her smear the ashes.
  • When in the woods with the rabbit, Jojo's cap position is not consistent.
  • When Rosie and JoJo are eating dinner, JoJo taunts his mother and pulls the dish of bread to himself and takes a slice. The dish moves back and forth to its original spot with no bread removed.
  • Rebel Wilson's character is introduced as Fraulein Rahm, who later claims to have had 15 children. Although this claim is exaggerated in the movie for comedic effect, there was what was called the "Lebensborn" program that was intended to breed racially pure children. Over half of the children that resulted from this program were born out of wedlock. So even though she was addressed as "Fraulein Rahm", she did not have to married to have children.
  • In the film, Hitler keeps offering Jojo cigarettes. Actually, the real Adolf Hitler hated them: Not only did he strictly forbid his generals and staff to smoke in his presence, but also decreed the first successful anti-tobacco laws in history.
  • A Soviet soldier, who catches JoJo wandering around the city, shouts to him "Niemiec!" [phonetic transcript] in modern Russian, while during the 2nd WW, and long after, the term "Giermaniec!" [phonetic transcript] was used in common language.
  • Hitler was left-handed, so in the last scene when this character appears onscreen, the wounds on his head after a suicidal gunshot should be changed places. However, Taika Waititi has stated he did no research on Hitler so would not have known his dominant hand.
  • A chalk text scribbled onto a roller shutter reads "Er kämpft! Er Sieg!" which isn't proper German. "Er Sieg!" literally means "He victory!". What was obviously meant was "Er siegt!" ("He is victorious!").
  • At exactly 36 minutes into the movie, Finkel (Alfie Allen) has his hand on his mouth, before cutting to a shot where both his hands are at his side.
  • When riding bicycles down the road, there are white lines on each side painted as in modern times.
  • When Jojo first goes into the hidden place in Inga's bedroom, he pulls a flashlight from his right pocket. However in the previous shot (and when he first entered the house) the flashlight can be seen clipped to the back of his belt on the left-hand side.
  • It has already been mentioned that Hitler would've never offered cigarettes to Jojo because he was strictly against smoking. One may argue that this character is not the real Hitler but the imaginary friend living in Jojo's head, so it's just normal that he's different from the real person. However Hitler's antagonism to smoking was almost as well-known in Nazi Germany as his mustache, and an avid fan of him would've never imagined him offering cigarettes.
  • "Atchoo" joke would not work in German as the German for the noise made by a sneeze is "Hatschi" which sounds nothing like the word for Jew.
  • Early on during the training exercise, Jojo and Hitler are running side by side when Jojo steals a grenade from Captain Klenzendorf. The other Hitler Youth seated on the ground move out of the way of Jojo as he runs through. They also move out of the way from Hitler. However, Hitler is supposed to be imaginary. The other kids should never have seen him so they had no reason to move.


  • * In the final scene, when Jojo and Elsa go to leave the Betzler property, Jojo stops Elsa to tie her shoelace. As he bends down, the sound of keys dropping onto the floor is heard despite his hands being empty. After tying her shoelace, he picks up a set of keys from the floor next to her shoe with his left hand and subsequently unlocks the front door.
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