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  • When Rosie Betzler brings Jojo to the Hitler Youth there is a map hanging on the wall showing modern Germany instead of the Germany during the WW2-period. E.g. without Silesia or East Prussia.
  • When Rosie wipes ashes from the fireplace on her face to turn into Jojo's father, she wipes her face fully, but somehow her lips are spared completely of the ashes.
  • The "free Germany" sign Rosie is passing around is on a modern bumper sticker. This goof may well be intentional. The movie is loaded with modern references that are played for laughs (using The Beatles and David Bowie in the soundtrack and lines such as Fraulein Rahm saying "O... M... Gott" instead of saying OMG.)
  • The first time we see an American soldier waving a flag from a balcony, it is one with 50 stars instead of 48. (A common mistake in WW2 films). They later rectify this error and show an American in a Jeep waving a correct 48 star flag.
  • Captain Klenzendorf asks Elsa when her borrowed passport photo was taken, she says "3 years ago, when I was 14." Asked next to provide her date of birth, she says "May 1st, 1929". This wartime scene is apparently occurring after May 2, 1946. However, moments later when the Gestapo is gone, Elsa reveals that she accidentally said the wrong birthday. Giving the wrong date of birth to the Nazi interrogators was intentionally done by the writers as a plot device.
  • In an early scene, some Hitler Youth are running from left to right in the forest. However, one of them has a red armband on their right arm with the swastika reversed when the armband should be on the left arm. The film has been flipped for this to happen.
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