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  • At the end of John Wick 2 when Winston gives the excomunicado order its 4 pm on his watch and he says John Wick has 1 hour.But in Part 3 he becomes excomunicado effective 6 pm which should have been 5 pm according to the ending in Part 2
  • The M1911 that The Adjudicator recovered in this film is a different colour to the one the Bowery King gave John Wick in Chapter 2.
  • When Wick is reunited with his dog, you can clearly see the peanut butter (or other substance) on his face to get the dog to lick him so much.
  • After cutting off his finger including his wedding ring, Wick should logically have absolutely nothing left but a gap between his middle and pinky finger, however it is constantly shown that there is still a sizeable nub left over implying Wick had severed his finger at the knuckle.
  • During the assault in the library, Wick's opponent despite having the clear height advantage, only actually uses one of his arms in the latter half of the fight with it trailing behind him perfectly healthily yet completely unused, this could be down to a lack of choreography in the fight behind the scenes.
  • The Bowery King is clearly living in DUMBO. A neighborhood in Brooklyn directly across the water from Lower Manhattan. The Bowery is in Lower Manhattan and is 3rd Avenue below Houston St. When the Adjudicator tells The King to abdicate there is a clear shot of the purple F.D.R. Drive (which is located in Manhattan) behind her across the river from Brooklyn.
  • The scene in which John Wick fights off assassins near Chinatown in Lower Manhattan was shot entirely underneath an elevated subway line. There are no such lines in, or anywhere near, Lower Manhattan, and visible street signage indicates the scene was filmed in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, a destination it would've taken Wick 25 minutes to reach via horseback at maximum speed instead of seconds.
  • The Continental Hotel in NYC is in downtown Manhattan, as established by the movie's earlier parts. However, Times Square-style lighted signage is visible during the climactic fight in the hotel's lounge. No such signage exists outside of Times Square, which would be several miles away.
  • Wick is shown running down Pell St. in Chinatown when visiting the doctor who sews up his stab wound. In the background of the doctor's office, numerous cars can be seen driving up and down the street in both directions. This would be impossible given that the area behind the buildings along Pell St. back up to Columbus Park, where no cars are permitted.
  • In the horse stable fight sequence, you can see behind one of the horse stalls, a horse trainer pulling the reigns up and down to make the horse in the background rear on its hind legs.
  • The Kimber M1911 shown by the adjudicator in the continental is a full black M1911 while the one used by John Wick to kill Santino D'Antonio was a dual-tone M1911 and the one Bowery King gave to John Wick is a completely different Kimber M1911.
  • The motorcycle scene on the bridge starts at the archway entrance of the Manhattan Bridge but cuts to the lower level of the Verrazzano Bridge (which is located between Staten Island and Brooklyn).
  • When John and his assassin are fighting underwater in the pool using automatic weapons, both are only good for 1 round. The water resistance prevents both weapons firing automatically. Instead when the triggers are pulled, only 1 round each are spent. After that the weapons would have to be cycled as semi-automatics.
  • When Winston was entering the safe with john and Charon he put his hand on a fingerprint recognition device. However, the hand-prints shown on the device doesn't match with his hand setting.
  • At 59:13, shoot out in "Morocco Continental", Sofia is behind a column and runs out of ammo (pistol's slide is locked back in the open/empty position). When she comes out on the side, she comes out shooting with a full magazine although we never see her reload.
  • When John Wick meets Winston in the glass structure after being sent to kill him, several shots in which John is not in focus appear to have his ring finger in place. It's only when his hand comes in focus, do we see the ring finger has been cut.
  • At 1:53:43,when Wick pushes the katana thru Zero's chest, it never goes all the way thru since there is a hard glass floor under him. Yet, when Zero sits up, the katana has gone thru his chest and came out the back a good 5/7 inches.
  • When the Doctor examines John's wound, it is a few inches closer to the neck than where Ernest initially stabbed him.
  • During the library fight with Ernest, John is holding a book and using it as a weapon. When Ernest grabs John's head before shushing him, John can be seen dropping the book. In the next shot the book is back in his hand.
  • When John is on Sofia's couch, her dogs guard him. The dogs look in different directions from shot to shot.
  • When John arrives at Grand Central Station, he is met with opponents. They stab people, and walk around brandishing knives. Nobody in the general public reacts. Later, there is gun-play close to the public. Again; nobody reacts.
  • At around 23min in, during the motorcycle chase under the elevated train, all parked cars have their headlights on.
  • When Sofia and John are escaping after shooting Berrada you can just see 2 dogs running through the catacombs while under fire around 58.05 mins. But Berrada shot one of the dogs earlier. After Berrada shoots the dog, Sofia shows that the bullet mushroomed when it hit the dogs bulletproof vest, thus it was not hurt.
  • The Moroccan scenes were shot in Essaouira, not in Casablanca as the movie claims.
  • (Around 35 minutes) when the adjudicator visits the Bowery King his left hand varies position between shots - first it's on the umbrella, then by his side.
  • There are no Checker model yellow cabs still in use in New York City. Even if there were, the odds of John Wick hailing one are astronomical.
  • At Casablanca shootout, both John and Sofia fire far more shots that a pistol magazine holds and furthermore - at several instances Sofia changes the magazine and starts shooting immediately i.e. without cambering a round.
  • In the Japanese Sushi Bar on the bridge scene, chopsticks are set on the wrong direction. They are set up in principle for right handed guests.
  • The exterior stairway in the courtyard where the main fight scene takes place does not have proper steps but is simply an incline with slats where the steps should be. This makes it easier for a dog to go up and down at high speed.
  • You cannot mix and match parts from different vintage revolvers, let alone expect them to work. While weapons such as these in fact were among the earliest mass produced items that kicked off industrial series production and brought about the standardization of parts, in items from these early stages, you'd be lucky if even just the screws from the one fit into another.
  • There is no way to fix a nicked artery in such a way that it will not tear open again if you get into extended hand-to-hand combat right after the surgery.
  • It is not possible to determine the exact caliber and round just from looking at an entry wound.
  • Shotguns are not the ideal choice under the circumstances. You get the same armor penetration from any battle rifle while they are also much quicker and easier to reload because of the high capacity detachable box magazines.
  • Immediately after exiting Grand Central Terminal, John knocks two would be assassins off their motorcycles and kills them. He then gets on one of the motorcycles and it can be seen and heard that he reaches for the ignition key and turns it to the 'on' position before thumbing the red engine start/stop switch. The ignition switch would of course still have been turned to the 'on' position.
  • At 1:02:45, when the dogs are attacking henchmen in the SUV, a reflection on the windshield suddenly appears, presumably from blood being splattered inside. Even with that, there should have been a reflection on the windshield the whole time, not just after the blood splashes.
  • When John lowers his shirt in the theater to be branded, there's no trace of the doctor's stitches or the scar from minutes earlier for the stab wound in his right shoulder.


  • During the defense of the Continental when John Wick is using a shotgun, several times he reloads while there are still rounds in the firearm, then proceeds to work the bolt which would chamber a new round, this would eject the round currently inside the chamber.
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