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  • According to most seafaring estimates taking a boat from New York City to Casablanca by boat takes approx 14 days (10 knot average). 9 days if you travel at 16 knots average. And he clearly took a boat. "Get the life boats", he showed up on a pier. Plus however long he wandered in the desert and return trip. Winston and the Bowery King were given 7 days to abdicate before his boat trip was established.
  • At the end of John Wick 2 when Winston gives the excomunicado order its 4 pm on his watch and he says John Wick has 1 hour.But in Part 3 he becomes excomunicado effective 6 pm which should have been 5 pm according to the ending in Part 2
  • The M1911 that The Adjudicator recovered in this film is a different colour to the one the Bowery King gave John Wick in Chapter 2.
  • When Wick is reunited with his dog, you can clearly see the peanut butter (or other substance) on his face to get the dog to lick him so much.
  • At the end of John Wick 2, Winston looks at his watch and said that in one hour he would become excommunicado. Winston's watch clearly was 4 o'clock, so that meant at 5 o'clock it would be open season on Wick. However, in John Wick 3, he doesn't become excommunicado until 6 o'clock.
  • After cutting off his finger including his wedding ring, Wick should logically have absolutely nothing left but a gap between his middle and pinky finger, however it is constantly shown that there is still a sizeable nub left over implying Wick had severed his finger at the knuckle.
  • At the end of John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017), Winston gives John an hour to prepare for his excommunicado, a shot of Winston's watch shows the time is 4PM, however at the beginning of Parabellum, it is established that the excommunicado comes into effect at 6PM, two hours after Winston called it in.
  • During the assault in the library, Wick's opponent despite having the clear height advantage, only actually uses one of his arms in the latter half of the fight with it trailing behind him perfectly healthily yet completely unused, this could be down to a lack of choreography in the fight behind the scenes.
  • The Bowery King is clearly living in DUMBO. A neighborhood in Brooklyn directly across the water from Lower Manhattan. The Bowery is in Lower Manhattan and is 3rd Avenue below Houston St. When the Adjudicator tells The King to abdicate there is a clear shot of the purple F.D.R. Drive (which is located in Manhattan) behind her across the river from Brooklyn.
  • The scene in which John Wick fights off assassins near Chinatown in Lower Manhattan was shot entirely underneath an elevated subway line. There are no such lines in, or anywhere near, Lower Manhattan, and visible street signage indicates the scene was filmed in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, a destination it would've taken Wick 25 minutes to reach via horseback at maximum speed instead of seconds.
  • The Continental Hotel in NYC is in downtown Manhattan, as established by the movie's earlier parts. However, Times Square-style lighted signage is visible during the climactic fight in the hotel's lounge. No such signage exists outside of Times Square, which would be several miles away.
  • Wick is shown running down Pell St. in Chinatown when visiting the doctor who sews up his stab wound. In the background of the doctor's office, numerous cars can be seen driving up and down the street in both directions. This would be impossible given that the area behind the buildings along Pell St. back up to Columbus Park, where no cars are permitted.
  • Sofia commands two dogs. One of then were shot dead. But later when Sofia and John try to escape the area, there were still two dogs attacking on the opponents.
  • In the horse stable fight sequence, you can see behind one of the horse stalls, a horse trainer pulling the reigns up and down to make the horse in the background jump up on its hind legs.
  • The Kimber M1911 shown by the adjudicator in the continental is a full black M1911 while the one used by John Wick to kill Santino D'Antonio was a dual-tone M1911 and the one Bowery King gave to John Wick is a completely different Kimber M1911.
  • The motorcycle scene on the bridge starts at the archway entrance of the Manhattan Bridge but cuts to the lower level of the Verrazzano Bridge (which is located between Staten Island and Brooklyn).
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