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  • The movie was filmed under the working title, "The Phone."
  • The film was originally to be titled, "Lexi," however the production was having legal issues getting that title cleared. So on the first day of filming, Adam Devine simply suggested flipping the "L" in Lexi to a "J" and thus the name Jexi was born.
  • Adam Devine, Rose Byrne, Michael Peña and Charlyne Yi have all worked with Seth Rogen.
  • Because Rose Byrne recorded all her lines after filming, in order to have lines to react to, an earwig was placed inside Adam Devine's ear with a person saying Jexi's lines. However, sometimes the earpiece would malfunction. Co-Director Jon Lucas exclaimed that "there were times when Adam would just take the earbud out and do the whole scene without ever hearing anyone talking".
  • The reason for Phil's lower legs being strangely hidden by socks when posing for a dick pic is due to the significant scarring Adam Devine has due to an childhood accident.
  • Phil shares the same San Francisco apartment building as Eddie Brock in Venom (2018).
  • Access to filming locations was hampered by both an unusually heavy rainy season in San Francisco, as well as a government shutdown in early 2019, which blocked filmmakers' access to federally owned property in the city, such as Crissy Field in the Presidio - leading to many last minute re-writes and location changes.
  • Alexandra Shipp & Rose Byrne previously co-starred in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016).
  • Alexandria Shipp, Rose Byrne and Michael Pena have all starred In films based on Marvel Comics
  • If one takes the letters in JEXI and performs a Caesarian shift (moving each letter a certain number of letters to the left or right) of four letters to the left, the result is FATE, a neat homage to the film's story.
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