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Quotes from Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

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    • Holden McNeil: I used to think life was all about me. I was the hero of my own story, a Bruce Wayne of one lifelong issue of Detective Comics, so for speak. And then that kid came along and suddenly you realize you're not Bruce Wayne anymore. You're Thomas Wayne. Or Bruce Wayne's mom, whose name escapes me.
    • Chris Hemsworth: You're Hems-worth it! Copyright Chris Hemsworth.
    • Jay: No offense to How High, but this is now the greatest movie ever made.
    • Milly: Mom, I told you to leave these meth-heads tied up until the cops got here!
    • Justice: I didn't call the cops and these guys are not meth-heads ok. They only look like meth-heads because they're from New Jersey.
    • Reboot Chronic: Let me be blunt, man. I liked you better when you were silent, Bob.
    • [about Kevin Smith]
    • Milly: I hate this guy. He forces his kid to be in everything he makes.
    • [after successfully escaping the Klan]
    • Milly: NOW who's stupid, you dirty sheep-fuckers!
    • [very last line, as Dante tries to open up the Quick Stop]
    • [to Milly]
    • Jay: You wanna know a secret. Me and Silent Bob have been gumming the locks for the last 25 years. Nooch.
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