It's Complicated (2009) Movie Poster

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  • Trailer for this comedy about a divorced woman who starts to have an affair with her ex-husband
  • Trailer for this comedy about a woman having an affair with her ex-husband


  • Interview: John Krasinski "On the story"
  • Clip: Harley sees Jake and Jane check into the hotel
  • Clip: Jane commiserates with her girlfriends after seeing Jake and Agness
  • Clip: Jake toasts Jane at the graduation lunch
  • Interview: Alec Baldwin "On Meryl Streep"
  • Clip: Jake shows up at Jane's house after spying on her and Adam
  • Interview: Lake Bell "On Steve Martin"
  • Clip: Jane and Adam see Jake at the party
  • Interview: Hunter Parrish "On Nancy Meyers"
  • Interview: Steve Martin "On Alec Baldwin"
  • Clip: Jake tells Jane what they are doing is very French
  • Clip: Jane asks Jake to turn around while she gets dressed
  • Interview: Meryl Streep "On her character Jane"
  • Clip: Jane and Adam arrive at the party