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  • When Bill decides to buy back his old bike, he is talking to the seller (Stephen King) for quite some time. If you pay attention, you can see that the book on the counter has been rotated several times between the cuts.
  • When they enter the sewer, Eddie's bandage briefly switches from his left cheek to his right. Also, Beverly's flashlight is in her right hand; in the next shot it's in her left. (Flipped negative)
  • In the flashback of Eddie in the movie theater arcade, we see Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II arcade machines. However, the scene is set in 1989 and those games were not released until 1992-93.
  • When Richie has a flashback at arcade saloon, he likes playing Street Fighter, which came out at 1987, beside that cabinet there is Mortal Kombat II at the left, assuming that is 27 years ago, then Mortal Kombat II was not released until 1993.
  • Beverly is kidnapped by Pennywise towards the end of the first movie, prompting the other boys to go to Neibolt to save her. In the flashback to the aftermath in this movie, Beverly is on her bike. She wouldn't have had her bike if she'd been kidnapped by Pennywise.
  • The flashback to the arcade is supposed to take place in 1989 but if you look closely you can see a Mortal Kombat arcade game. Mortal Kombat came out in 1982.
  • During a flashback to summer of 1989, an arcade cabinet of "Mortal Kombat" is clearly seen at the movie theater. But the game was not released until October of 1992. A cabinet of ''Mortal Kombat II'' is also visible in the arcade, while the game actually came out in 1993.
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