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  • When Bill decides to buy back his old bike, he is talking to the seller (Stephen King) for quite some time. If you pay attention, you can see that the book on the counter has been rotated several times between the cuts.
  • When they enter the sewer, Eddie's bandage briefly switches from his left cheek to his right. Also, Beverly's flashlight is in her right hand; in the next shot it's in her left. (Flipped negative)
  • Beverly is kidnapped by Pennywise towards the end of the first It (2017), prompting the other boys to go to Neibolt to save her. In the flashback to the aftermath in this movie, Beverly is on her bike. She wouldn't have had her bike if she'd been kidnapped by Pennywise.
  • During a flashback to summer of 1989, arcade cabinets of Mortal Kombat (1992) and Mortal Kombat II (1993), both '90s games, are seen at the movie theater.
  • When Beverly is trying to escape from her childhood apartment, in one shot, the chain bolt on the door is latched. In the next shot of Beverly, it is unlatched even though she has not touched it.
  • Despite Ben and Bev's tokens being made of paper, and despite the characters being completely submerged in sewer water, the tokens are then shown to be completely dry.
  • When Richie is playing the original Street Fighter arcade game against another boy, the onscreen image is from the game's single-player mode.
  • After the climax, the camera pans over the town and you see the sign "Royal Lepage" on one of the buildings. Royal Lepage is a Canadian real estate owner-operator that doesn't exist in the US, so you know it wasn't filmed in Maine.
  • When the older losers look in the window and see their younger selves, the scene flashes back to the younger versions talking after defeating IT. Eddie is still covered in vomit but Stanley doesn't have the wounds on his face from being bitten by Judith.
  • Early on in the film, Bill and his wife Audra walk over to the craft services table on the set of their movie. Involved in a heated discussion, Audra is abruptly shown holding a half-eaten celery stick, with no time for her to have bitten into it, and no crunch sound either.
  • When Bill and Mike are talking outside of the restaurant after everybody has left, Bill's left hand moves between in his pocket and out of his pocket between two shots.
  • At the end of the movie when Bill and Mike are talking on the phone. Bill takes off his reading glasses twice. Once in the first shot and again in the second.
  • Richie's Mustang is the MY18 model and not the MY16 model.
  • Around 1hr 47 mins 10 secs, it is shown that Beverly hides Ben's poem in a wall hole and covers it during the summer vacations before their final face-off with It. And when she grows up, she finds it in the same place. However, in It (2017), Alvin Marsh was holding the poem just before Beverly hits him with the toilet lid and gets kidnapped by Pennywise. So, it should not have been in the wall in It Chapter Two.
  • (12 minutes into the film) During the scene of the car driving down the street in New York City; at the start of the scene, the car passes by a shop with a yellow sign reading "Cafe Landwer". A few minutes later, right before the car crashes, that same shop is seen again.
  • (12 minutes into the film) The New York City street that the car is driving down is actually a street in Toronto Canada. A dead giveaway is that the car passes by a Rogers storefront, which is a Canadian business. Also, the Cafe Landwer restaurant (seen twice in the scene) is located at 165 University Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • When the young Losers Club are in their clubhouse, a modern can of Shasta Cola can be seen in the background. An era-appropriate Shasta can would have had block lettering.
  • In the clubhouse, Richie reminisces about how Pennywise "would do that little dance", mimicking the dance Pennywise does for Beverly from the first film, when Beverly was the only one who witnessed this.
  • In a couple of flashback scenes, a young Ben Hanscom in 1989 wears a light blue t-shirt with horses on it from The Mountain. Actually, this t-shirt was from 2004.
  • After the ritual fails to kill Pennywise, he taunts the losers and tells them it's "gazebo" while the right word is "placebo". It is possible that because Eddie made the same mistake in the first film, Pennywise said it to taunt him further.


  • The knife sticking out of Henry Bowers' chest changes location.
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