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  • When Judge Spangler plays bridge with his friends, all four men sit at a table with their cards in their hands. In the bidding part of bridge, all four players keep their cards in their hands. One hand is "dummy" during play.
  • Rita enters Abe's apartment from a driving rain, yet her clothing and hair are dry.
  • In piano recitals using a grand piano, the piano is placed with the soundboard open towards the audience and the performer on the audience's left, so the music is amplified and directed to the audience. In Jill's recital, the soundboard is open but facing away from the audience and Jill is on the audience's right.
  • Judge Spangler and his friends are not playing bridge. During the bidding phase all four players would have their cards in their hands but during the shot they are playing their cards and therefore not in the bidding phase. To be depicted correctly the declarer's partner's hand would need to be laid down on the table as the "dummy" during play.
  • When Jill is at her piano lesson and looking intently at sheet music in front of her on the piano's music rack, she is heard playing the Bach Prelude in c-minor from Book I of the Well-Tempered Clavier. However, the cover of the sheet music in front of her is labeled with the name of the American composer "Henry Cowell" (in florid handwriting).
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