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  • Isabela Merced and Mark Wahlberg previously starred together in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017).
  • This was the third collaboration between director Sean Anders and actor Mark Wahlberg. Their previous two films were Daddy's Home (2015) and Daddy's Home 2 (2017).
  • Gustavo Escobar had a small role in another Mark Wahlberg movie, Pain & Gain (2013).
  • The movie was inspired by the real events from the life of writer/director Sean Anders.
  • Tom Segura, who plays Russ in this film, holds the title of U.S. Water Champ. He and his wife, Christina P., are outspoken advocates for wearing ones jeans high and tight. In his free time, he hangs out with his friends in the 4 stroke gang.
  • Tom Segura experienced no neuropathy issues during filming
  • Tom Segura insisted that all members of the cast kept their jeans "high and tight" during filming.
  • The film was inspired by writer/director Sean Anders' experience adopting through Seneca Family of Agencies' Kinship Center.
  • Tom Segura was offered the role because Mark Walhberg was inspired by his love for health and fitness. Often calling him the water champ on set, for always having a bottle of water in his hand.
  • Tom Segura was initially hesitant to take the role of Russ, but ultimately decided after his wife encouraged him to "try it out".
  • When he wasn't on set funny man Tom Segura often frequented a local Shoney's. Former waitress Payton Lafferty stated that Segura always requested the same corner booth and had speaker phone conversations with his wife (Mrs. Segura) for the majority of his meals.
  • "Meatball" is played by a three-year old Bernese Mountain Dog. Prior to filming, he had completed his AKC grand championship, an obedience title, several rally obedience titles, and a dock diving title. After filming completed, he added his BMDCA and Canadian draft titles and several others, becoming a Versatility Dog in both the US and Canada.
  • Tom Segura, who stars as Russ, is previously famous for being the water champion as well as for beating the world's fattest man, Bart Grizzler, in a weight loss competition.
  • 'Young Pete', played by Connor Jones, and 'Pete' played by Mark Wahlberg both had many black dots drawn on their faces during filming for the football flashback in order for their faces to be matched perfectly in post-production.
  • Tom Segura helps keep his marriage fresh by making his wife videos everyday that he titled, "Good morning Julia." He also collects decorative ceiling fans and proudly displays them in every room of his self built home.
  • Tom Segura rose to stardom under his stage-name "Peyton Lafferty" in the 2013 film, "Ballhogs". Segura is also known to have a gift when it comes to crown molding.
  • Tom Segura, better known as "The water champ", decided to get into acting when the director said to him "try it out". Tom then proceeded to go full trottle into developing his character. Filming was delayed when Tom was struck in the head by a faulty ceiling fan while on set. He is currently pressing charges on the contractor, Joe, who installed the fan. With no neuropathy issues whatsoever, Tom was cleared by his doctor, who within four strokes of a pen gave him the green light to start filming. Tom then pulled his jeans up high and tight and gave the best break through performance of the year.
  • Mark Wahlberg played an adopted man in "Four Brothers." And a dad trying to reconnect in "Daddy's Home"
  • Tom Segura and his outlaw country band "The Mommies" are billed to open for Garth Brooks on his 2019 stadium tour. They will likely be performing their chart topping singles "Machines Within" and "Stay United" from their 1999 Grammy nominated album "Keep Those Jeans High and Tight, Then Rub! Rub! Rub." Segura's mysterious brother known only to fans as "Try it out Guy" will be accompanying the Mommies as DJ on their reunion tour with Brooks.
  • John McConnell and Maureen Brennan who play Mr and Mrs Muskie are actually married in real life.
  • Half of the cast are children, and they needed their parents on set at all times, including Isabella Moner, aged 19
  • Instant Family's story is based on the real life experience of director Sean Anders. Sean has adopted 3 Hispanic children.
  • This is the second time Isabela Merced and mark Wahlberg came together as Father and daughter the first time was transformers.


  • When Karen accepts an offer for pie at the end of the film, this could be a reference to Octavia Spencer's role in The Help (2011) which featured a notable scene involving Spencer and a pie.
  • The character Kit is played by actor Hampton Fluker. Hampton Fluker played a minor role in the film, The Blind Side which is the focus of a recurring joke throughout the movie about adoptive mother, October.
  • While drawing pictures of their dream children, October draws a football player with the number 74, which was Michael Oher's jersey number in the film "The Blind Side". The film is a recurring joke about her character, who tries to emulate Leigh-Anne Touhy.
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