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  • There is a character reading a newspaper in the film that is dated 1962. However, the Parr family watches the title sequence for The Outer Limits (1963), which first broadcast in 1963 and The Robot Spy (1964) which was first broadcast in 1964. In addition, The Incredibles (2004) was established as taking place in 1970, and this movie takes place within a year after that one.
  • Elastigirl's new motorcycle is electric, yet can be heard making gasoline engine noises as it speeds through traffic.
  • In The Incredibles (2004), when Edna Mode is activating the security system, it notes Elastigirl is with her and gets set to attack, prompting Edna to add "and guest" when using the voice recognition system. In this movie, while Jack-Jack is activating the system with Edna, Mr. Incredible doesn't set off the system's alarm the way Elastigirl did. However, Edna could have modified the alarm system.
  • Bob falls asleep looking "ghastly" but wakes up clean-shaven.
  • The cameras shown in the TV program segment are a black-and-white model, but the broadcast is in colour.
  • When Elastigirl brings the train to a stop, she is seen entering the station at speed in parachute form, coming to a stop some distance through the station. When the train stops before being hit again by the trailing can, she appears to be quite close to the station entrance.
  • Bob wears his original Mr. Incredible super-suit to meet with the Deavors, and it is shown to be in perfect condition. Later in the movie, we see the suit in a glass case alongside Bob's other memorabilia, where it is still covered in soot and ash from the jet explosion at the end of the first movie. While it's possible for him to possess more than one, it would raise the question of why he did not put the spare on display when the original was torn by the Omnidroid in the first movie.
  • Winston Deavor's father is presented as a major patron of superheroes, who provided both legal and financial support (for example, funding a statue in a public park), and who personally befriended many supers, including several who ran in the same circles as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. So how is it that neither of the Incredibles nor Frozone have ever heard of him (or even seem to recognize the name Deavor)?
  • Violet's date with Tony was on a Friday evening. But the next morning, Mr Incredible sends his kids to school.
  • Jack-Jack is inspired to attack the raccoon after he sees criminals on TV wearing masks, yet he and his family wear similar masks when under cover, so he should be used to them.
  • Winston says that his father was heartbroken when the supers went into hiding. However, he tried to call the supers' hotline just after they had gone into hiding, and consequently, was unable to reach them. He subsequently was shot and killed, meaning he died without ever even knowing of the supers being banned.
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