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  • Trailer for Legend Of The Boneknapper Dragon


  • Clip: Everything we know is wrong
  • Featurette: Dragon by dragon
  • Clip: Training day - The Gronckle
  • Featurette: A viking sized cast
  • Clip: Busted two
  • Clip: Training day two - Nadder
  • Clip: Fixing Toothless' tail
  • Featurette: A boy and his dragon
  • Featurette: Vikings in training
  • Interview: Gerard Butler "On Stoick and Hiccup"
  • Interview: Jay Baruchel "On the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless"
  • Clip: I don't want to fight dragons
  • Interview: Craig Ferguson "On voicing Gobber"
  • Interview: America Ferrera "On Hiccup going against the norm"
  • Featurette: Dragons in 3D
  • Featurette: Meet the vikings
  • Featurette: The woman behind it all
  • Clip: Stop being all of you