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Goofs from Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

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  • The prologue is set in 1897, but the monsters still speak in modern slang ("freak-out," "dial it down a notch," etc.).
  • When diving at the underwater volcano, Mavis takes a picture of Drac and looks at it. This series has previously established that vampires don't show up in photographs.
  • In every other movie Drac says "bleh bleh bleh" but in this movie it's always said as "blah blah blah".
  • During the end credits animation, a gremlin unplugs a plug from a wall power socket. It is an American style power socket, and not the European style.
  • In Hotel Transylvania (2012) Griffin says that he has red curly hair but in this film he was revealed to be bald as Tinkles spits everywhere.
  • As the monsters are arriving to board the boat, they turn right as they exit the 'island' of the aircraft carrier to reach the boat. As one of the witches flies toward the gangway ramp, the ship is now at the opposite end of the aircraft carrier, meaning the monsters would have to have turned left to get to the boat.
  • In The first overhead shot of the Bermuda Triangle, the tower of ships is in the direct middle of the triangle being nowhere near the edges of the waterfalls and nowhere near to be close enough to the cruise ship. As the monsters are boarding, the tower has now shifted close to one of the waterfall edges where the ship has parked.
  • On the airplane, the gremlin is seen heating a fancy gold-leaf teacup and saucer in a microwave. Gold-leaf plate-ware cannot be microwaved as it contains metal. If the saucer and cup didn't chip or shatter and the microwave completed the cooking process without being destroyed, it would have seriously burned the gremlin pilot's hands.


  • As shown in the previous film, Vlad has the power to freeze and shrink living beings. Once the hypnotized Kraken started attacking, Vlad could have easily shrank him to a size where he would cause no damage.
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