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  • (at around 47 mins) When Joan writes down her phone number, she folds the piece of paper before giving it to Annie. Later, when Annie looks at this paper in her workshop, there is no crease, indicating that the paper was never folded.
  • (at around 1h 8 mins) For portions of Joan's instructions to Annie, as Annie is leaving Joan's apartment, the lips don't match the words, notably the comment that the husband and brother need to be 'in the house.'
  • (at around 57 mins) During the family dinner scene, Peter's meal keeps persistently changing in every single shot, there are times the meat changes angles, flips over, is hanging different ways.
  • Steve's accent changes between American and Irish throughout the movie. In particular his Irish accent stands out when he is on the phone to Annie or when he is yelling. However, this is not necessarily a mistake, given that the movie never specifies the character's nationality. Steve may very well be an Irishman who's been living in America for a long time. Actor Gabriel Byrne has successfully concealed his Irish accent on multiple films before this one.
  • (at around 1h 16 mins) When Annie begins the seance with Peter and Steve, the candle on the table isn't lit but once the camera cuts away and comes back to the table, the candle is now lit with the flame clearly visible.
  • (at around 50 mins) In a close-up of Annie working on her dioramas, the lace strip on the hairline of her wig is clearly visible.
  • (at around 45 mins) In the opening graphic of Ellen's obituary, her death is noted as taking place in early April. When Annie meets Joan, Joan says a few months have passed. Then we are shown the Seance flyer with a date of April 18.
  • In the parking lot when Annie meets Joan for the first time, during their interaction, the front passenger-side head rest is curiously missing from her Volvo. When she is next shown driving, after leaving her first seance at Joan's, she hears her deceased daughter's mouth click as if from the back of the car, we see the front passenger-side headrest is back in place.
  • (at around 13 mins) In the first bedroom scene with Annie getting into bed, the left clock displays 11:50 (digitally) and the right clock displays 10:50 (analogue).
  • The playhouse has lapboard siding and cedar shakes for a roof coating, yet from beginning to end, the interior shows light shining through the cracks in the vertical wall board and ceiling. This is simply not possible.


  • (at around 2h) Near the end, when Peter goes up to the tree house, he sees the bodies of his grandmother and mother on the floor; the latter is on the right and the former is on the left. Later on, we see that the bodies have switched positions - the mother is on left and the grandmother is on the right.
  • (at around 33 mins) Charlie does not stick her head further out the car window than the sideview mirror, yet we hear the sound of the telephone pole colliding only with Charlie, and not with the mirror as well. In reality, driving so close to the telephone pole would result in the sound of the pole hitting the sideview mirror, and then the mirror hitting the car, before hitting Charlie. This is a very distracting mistake in what was supposed to be a key scene.
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