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Quotes from Hellboy

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    • Hellboy: Some dads give their kids Legos.
    • Ben Daimio: I thought we were supposed to be fighting monsters, not working with them.
    • Hellboy: Who are you calling a monster, pal? Have you looked in the mirror recently?
    • [From Trailer]
    • Hellboy: Sorry! Did I interrupt?
    • Nimue the Blood Queen: On the contrary. You've arrived just in time.
    • [Police Officer shoots]
    • Hellboy: Heeeeey! I'm on your side!
    • Police Officer: Sorry!
    • Lady Hatton: On an island off the coast of Scotland, something was summoned from the depths of Hell, something that would end mankind.
    • Hellboy: And this thing, did it show up?
    • Lady Hatton: Oh, yes. You did.
    • Alice Monaghan: Haven't we got to be saving the world or something?
    • Professor Bruttenholm: Listen up, ladies and gentlemen: out there is a fifth-century sorceress who wants to bring down the curtain on London and the world!
    • Hellboy: Great, homework.
    • Nimue the Blood Queen: Why do you fight for those who hate and fear you?
    • Nimue the Blood Queen: Out of the ashes, a new Eden will emerge!
    • Hellboy: Okay, I'd appreciate a prophecy with more relatable stakes.
    • Baba Yaga: They will build statues of you from the bones of your enemies!
    • Hellboy: Gonna need a shit-ton of bones.
    • Hellboy: I love you, Lobster Johnson!
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