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  • Both Vondie Curtis-Hall and Vanessa Bell Calloway were in Coming to America (1988).
  • Cynthia Erivo and Leslie Odom Jr. won Tony Awards at the same ceremony for different shows. Erivo won Best Lead Actress in a Musical for "The Color Purple," Odom won Best Lead Actor in a Musical for "Hamilton."
  • Harriet Tubman stood at 5 feet tall, Cynthia Erivo is 5 foot 1 standing just 1 inch taller than Tubman.
  • This is the first feature film to be made about the life of Harriet Tubman.
  • Harriet Tubman really did experience visions as is depicted in the film. Many historians claim that this is likely due to a head injury she received in her youth.
  • According to producer Debra Martin Chase, the project took seven years to finally make it to the screen.
  • The character of Marie Buchanon was created for the movie.
  • When the production received some criticism for casting British actress Cynthia Erivo in the key role of all-American icon Harriet Tubman, director Kasi Lemmons explained that the film amply represented minorities in that African-Americans comprised: the director, writers, production designer, composer, hair & makeup.
  • Producer Debra Martin Chase chose Cynthia Erivo for the title role because of her impressive track record: Tony, Grammy and Emmy for "The Color Purple" musical on Broadway.
  • When William Still writes down Harriet Tubman's name on the list of the conductors, 4 names are visible. The name on top of the list isn't clear, but the other three names are - Lewis Napoleon 21-2 (91.3% success rate), Moses Pinkett 28-5 (84.8%), and John Clay 43-7 (86.0%). Harriet had claimed she had never lost a slave, leaving her at a 100% success rate.
  • In a deleted scene, the fourth name on the list of conductors is visible and it is George Wilmer at 39-3 for a success rate of 92.8%.
  • In her very next major role as detective Holly Gibney in The Outsider (2020), Cynthia Erivo again portrays another character who's empowered with clairvoyant or psychic abilities.
  • After first escaping slavery, Harriet refers to herself as "a stranger in a strange land." The phrase is from the book of Exodus, the book of the Bible which tells of the people of Israel escaping slavery in Egypt.
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