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  • After the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, William Still gives a speech saying that it allows slave catchers to seek slaves in any state in the Union. Slave catchers had always been able to retrieve slaves from the North, under a law from decades earlier. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 did not legalize slave hunting in the North but expanded the powers available to slave catchers (including forcing Northern law enforcement to aid them) and weakened the protections available to those accused of being escaped slaves (such as previous requirements that a suspect's identity as a slave be verified by a jury trial).
  • When Thomas Garrett takes Harriet to the Delaware/Pennsylvania border and tells her Philadelphia is 25 miles away, he points her towards the setting sun, which makes for a good visual scene but Philadelphia is north of Wilmington. Walking towards the setting sun would take her towards Lancaster.
  • The ironclad gunboats in the background when Harrirt is leading Union troops in a raid in South Carolina were used on the rivers in the Western theater of the Civil War. They would not have been seen in South Carolina, since they were not designed to be ocean going.
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