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  • This film may reveal how the time loop in the previous one got started in the first place as director Christopher Landon has stated that he plans to save the reason for a sequel.
  • According to director Christopher Landon, he says: "The sequel will answer questions to the first installment's endless time loop while Rothe has mentioned that part 2 picks up where the first film left off in a Back to the Future-like style."
  • The first trailer premiered in theaters before the showing of Halloween (2018)
  • Christopher Landon announced plans for a third film as soon as production wrapped.
  • The initial worldwide release date was to be Valentine's Day, however in the United States due to a recent tragedy the film's premiere was set to the previous day of February 13th, 2019.
  • The setting of Bayfield University from the first film is maintained.
  • Bayfield University's Dean Bronson was not featured in the previous film.
  • Singer-songwriter Lizzo performs the end credits song of 'Stayin Alive' a cover of the popular Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever soundtrack song.
  • Like in the first film where Carter announces the story bearing similarities to the plot of Groundhog Day, he establishes the similarities with this sequels' plot to Back To The Future II.
  • The wood chipper seen midway through the movie belongs to 'Biff's Tree Removal' service. This is a reference to the character Biff Tannen from the 'Back to the Future' (1985) trilogy, which this movie took a lot of inspiration from.
  • The device Ryan has invented is called "Sissy," very likely a reference to the character Sisyphus in Green mythology. Like Tree, Sisyphus escaped Death's clutches, and as his punishment in the afterlife, he was forced to roll a boulder up a hill every day for eternity, only to have it roll away from him back down the hill before he could get to the top. The story of Sisyphus is superficially like that of Tree who must relive the same day again and again only to see something finally go wrong each time before she can get out of the time loop (until obviously, unlike Sisyphus, she manages to finish her task and get freed).
  • The first film only featured Tree Gelbman die more than once, in the film's multiple time loops, all other victim characters, including the Babyface killers Lori Spengler and John Tombs' deaths were all once in different loops, Lori's being the only death not reset. In this film not only does Tree have multiple deaths, but as does Lori Spengler (who in the alternate timeline is merely a victim), Babyface killer John Tombs and newly introduced, Tombs guarding officer victim, who dies twice.
  • Peter Jaymes Jr.'s officer victim character in the film, is the only newly introduced character in the film who has a death in the film, as newly introduced characters Dean Bronson, Dre Morgan and Samar Ghosh do not die at all in the film.
  • Tree's freefall montage of various suicides, landing her back into Carter & Ryan's dorm room pays visual reference to the music video of the song that plays over the montage: Paramore's Hard Times where in the music video lead vocalist Hayley Williams, sporting similar attire to Tree Gelbman and blonde hair collapses slowly back into a bed from the roof.


  • It's revealed that the reason Tree ended up in a time loop in the first place is because of science experiments on campus. Many fan theories prior to the second film's release believed it had something to do with the possible influence of her mother's spirit watching over her, which is now proven false.
  • Ryan Phan's machine 'Sissy' is a proton converting device that is in turn responsible for Tree Gelbman's time loop of the first feature, alternate time loop of Tree and Ryan's time loop at the outset.
  • Minus the addition of Stephanie Butler, Ryan Phan and the new secondary officer guarding John Tombs, all the slasher film body count of the sequel comprises of the previous films' characters that perished in various time loops: Tree, Carter, Lori, John Tombs, Tombs guarding officer and Dr. Gregory Butler.
  • Body-Count: 20 (7 of which Tree Gelbman deaths, 3 of which Lori Spengler deaths, 2 of which John Tombs guarding officer deaths and 2 of which John Tombs deaths).
  • While Ryan undergoes a time loop like Tree the only other character that receives more than one death is Lori, subsequently murdered by Babyface twice.
  • Despite being prominent new teenage characters: Samar Ghosh and Dre Morgan are not killed at all throughout the film by Babyface, or under any other means, in any of the time loops or paradoxes.
  • A mid-credits sequence shows the government's awareness in the time looping and multiversing technology Ryan Phan, Dre Morgan and Samar Ghosh developed, resulting in them along with Carter Davis and Tree Gelbman being summoned for questioning with the confiscated device: when inquiries are made to a possible volunteering time loop subject Gelbman suggests frenemy Danielle Bouseman.
  • Deliberate red herrings to the killer being Danielle like in the first film are made here.
  • In the alternate universe the band t-shirt borrowed from Carter says the Dumpstaphunk concert was in New Orleans LA. In the original universe and the first film it took place in Austin TX.
  • Jessica Rothe said her favorite death in the movie was falling out of the plane, in a bikini, without a parachute and landing in front of Carter and Danielle. This death was also not part of the original film and was added during re-shoots.
  • The reveal at the end of Gregory Butler as the baby face killer, in the alternate reality, is a nod to one of the original endings of the first film where he had teamed up with Lori to kill Tree. Also having Stephanie Butler involved with the killing is a reference to the first film's alternate ending that was removed after negative test screenings.
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