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  • According to Alice Rohrwacher, Lazzaro Felice is "the story of a lesser sanctity, with no miracles, no powers or superpowers, without special effects. It is the sanctity of living in this world without thinking ill of anyone and simply believing in human beings. Because another way was possible, the way of goodness, which men have always ignored but which always reappears to question them. Like something that might have been but that we've never ever wanted."
  • With Lazzaro Felice, Alice Rohrwacher wanted to use the adventures of Lazzaro to tell the tragedy that has devastated her country, namely the passage from a material Middle Ages to a human Middle Ages: the end of rural civilization, the migration to city boundaries of thousands of people who knew nothing of modernity, their giving up of little to have even less.
  • The story of the film constructed from a real-life event that Alice Rohrwacher had been struck by in which an episode in which a Marchesa in Central Italy exploited the seclusion of some of her lands to keep her peasants in the dark about the end of sharecropping.
  • Adriano Tardiolo (Lazzaro) was scouted in a public high school in Orvieto, closing a search that involved more than a thousand other boys of the same age. Adriano had never done any acting before, but he was convinced to accept the role after getting to know Alice Rohrwacher.
  • Luca Chikovani (Tancredi) is a young actor and singer-songwriter raised by the internet. In 2014, after moving to Rome together with his mother, he started uploading YouTube cover videos of hit songs by the most popular artists among teenagers, especially Justin Bieber and One Direction, reaching a total of over 5 million views.
  • Lazzaro Felice is an experiment with the genre of the fable, with all its inconsistencies, its mysteries, its recurrences and its heroes and villains.
  • Shot on super16 film.
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