Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

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A terrified old man turns up in hospital, clutching a Halloween mask mass-produced by the Silver Shamrock Company, and screaming, "They are going to kill us!" When the man is then murdered in his hospital bed, and his killer calmly commits suicide, Dr Daniel Challis (Tom Atkins) starts to investigate the origin of the masks. This will bring him face to face with Conal Conhran (O'Herlihy) an insane toymaker with a horrifying plan to destroy the children of America...


  • Tom Atkins
  • Stacey Nelkin
  • Dan O'Herlihy
  • Michael Currie
  • Ralph Strait
  • Jadeen Barbor
  • Brad Schacter
  • Garn Stephens
  • Nancy Kyes
  • Jonathan Terry

Did You Know?


  • A milk factory was used for the setting of the Silver Shamrock factory.
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  • (at around 1h 19 mins) When Dr. Challis throws the skeleton mask up onto the security camera, it turns around between shots.
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    • Conal Cochran: Enjoy the horror-thon, Doctor, and don't forget to watch the big giveaway afterwards.
    • Daniel Challis: Witchcraft.
    • Conal Cochran: To us, it was a way of controlling our environment. It's not so different now... it's time again. In the end, we don't decide these things, you know; the planets do. They're in alignment, and it's time again. The world's going to change tonight, Doctor, I'm glad you'll be able to watch it. And... Happy Halloween.
    • Daniel Challis: Why, Cochran, why?
    • Conal Cochran: Do I need a reason? Mr. Kupfer was right, you know. I do love a good joke, and this is the best ever: a joke on the children. But there's a better reason. You don't really know much about Halloween. You thought no further than the strange custom of having your children wear masks and go out begging for candy.
    • [pauses]
    • Conal Cochran: It was the start of the year in our old Celtic lands, and we'd be waiting in our houses of wattles and clay. The barriers would be down, you see, between the real and the unreal, and the dead might be looking in to sit by our fires of turf.
    • [pauses]
    • Conal Cochran: Halloween... the festival of Samhain! The last great one took place three thousand years ago, when the hills ran red with the blood of animals and children.
    • Daniel Challis: Sacrifices.
    • Conal Cochran: It was part of our world... our craft.
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That plot gives you an idea of how casually insane this movie is, but if you’re able to radically suspend your disbelief (the story is an illogical shambles), the film offers a number of modest pleasures.

Metacritic review by Chuck Bowen
Chuck Bowen
Slant Magazine

Writer-director Tommy Lee Wallace is not, as can be gathered, a born auteur, but he is crafty at timing the jumpies - despite a silliness that increases as the movie goes on, there are enough left-field shocks to please even the most discriminating fan of what American Film has dubbed the genre non grata. [25 Oct 1982]

Metacritic review by Jay Scott
Jay Scott
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)