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  • When Sheriff Hawkins enter the house on the domestic disturbance call, he yells out "Haddonfield Sheriff's Department". The patch on his jacket says "Warren County Sheriff". Haddonfield is an incorporated municipality and would not have a county sheriff patrolling but rather a police chief, as sheriffs are county level law enforcement and the municipal police would be the Haddonfield Police Dept.
  • The cemetery woman describes another cemetery not far away and says both Bernie Mac and Muddy Waters are buried there. But those two men are buried in two different Illinois towns.
  • When Martin is interviewing Laurie at her house, during a closeup shot his words and mouth are entirely out of sync, suggesting the line was changed during post-production.
  • When Aaron is pumping gas at the gas station, the pump is not actually pumping any fuel as shown by the display being blank. When he finishes pumping gas later, the pump shows the gallons and cost on the display like normal.
  • As Allyson is walking with her friends along a sidewalk discussing her grandmother they pass a lawn decoration that is a tombstone with RIP. There is an edit to a wider shot during the same sentence, but now they are passing by a plastic skull positioned in front of a tree that had not been there.
  • Aaron inaccurately describes Michael's attack on Judith when he says Michael sliced the base of her skull, scraping her spinal column. Michael stabbed her in the chest eight times.
  • When Vicky's boyfriend Dave tries to stand up the motorcycle that he knocked over, you see a joint in his right hand the next scene it's in his left hand.
  • Near the end of the film the two police officers guarding Laurie's house are requesting backup after finding a murdered police man (= the doctor) near the police vehicle, which stopped a short distance from them. After the climax, with Laurie's house now on fire, Laurie, her daughter and her granddaughter hitch a ride on a pick up truck, yet backup is nowhere to be seen.
  • Michael Myers manages to drive a hijacked police car onto Laurie's forecourt even though Laurie's house has a fortified gate with CCTV.
  • When Michael Myers walks around Laurie's house, the view from the basement shows gaps, dust and even his footsteps through the floor. Earlier the floor was shown to be consisting of square floor tiles without gaps.
  • When Dr. Sartain lies on the floor after he is being pulled out of the van by Michael his head is smashed to pulp by Michael his foot. When the cops investigate his body his head is more or less recomposed back together.
  • There's a sign in the background at the jail in the beginning where the word "insure" is used instead of "ensure".
  • The secret door to their "hidden" basement. Opened slower in the earlier part of the movie. (Like a vault door, even sounded heavy as if it was sliding on stone) Once the action starts it opens much faster, not as noisy and even Michael can rip it up off the floor.
  • At around 86 minutes in the film, when Michael Myers has smashed the window pane in the door and is holding Laurie Strode a foot in the air trying to choke her, she manages with her right hand to bring a sawed-off shotgun up from her right side of her body raising it towards Michael Myer's arm that's gripping her. When she shoots the gun, his left hand is free rather than still strangling her. After his hand is blown apart, only then she drops to the ground. Had his hand been free in reality, she would have dropped to ground well before this moment.
  • Although the film is set in Northern Illinois, there are numerous palm trees and cypresses which can be seen in the background. Neither tree grows in Illinois.
  • At the site where the bus has gone of the road the young boy with the gun is told by the police officer lying directly in front of him to 'run!' In the next shot the police officer is gone.
  • When in the police car talking to the doctor, Allyson, in the back seat behind the screen, is briefly shown in the front seat.
  • In the asylum courtyard, the patients are chained to stationary cinder blocks. The safety perimeter around each patient is marked with a large yellow square - to match the checkerboard ground-cover. As chains can move 360-degrees, the safety area 'should' be a large yellow circle. ... Also, the cinder blocks aren't even positioned in the center of the safety squares.
  • How did Dana and Aaron get Michael's original mask for an interview with him? It was confiscated, presumably when he was arrested, and would be forever locked up in an evidence locker so that two reporters wouldn't be able to simply grab it. This would be the real-life equivalent of trying to get John Wayne Gacy's Clown costume from the evidence locker for whatever reason.


  • At one point, Laurie Strode mentions that Michael Myers killed five people in 1978. That would be incorrect because he killed only four people which includes the truck driver, Annie, Linda, and Bob. However, during this scene, there is no mention of the year 1978. Laurie simply says that Michael killed 5 people, and this is including his sister Judith.
  • Near the end of the movie, when The Shape grabs Karen's ankle, Allyson tries to stab him with a blood-stained kitchen knife. Half of a second later, the knife has disappeared, to reappear on the floor later on.
  • Michael murders Ray outside Laurie's house near the end of the film and leaves the body where it is. A short time later, however, Laurie finds Ray's corpse in an upstairs closet despite Michael never having an opportunity to relocate it there.
  • Dr. Sartain is able to easily pick up and move the larger Michael's unconscious body from the ground to the back of the police car despite having one arm in a sling.
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