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  • Snow on the underside of branches.
  • In the widescreen DVD version, Stripe's control rods are visible on the left of the screen as he attacks Billy with the saw.
  • The little table Billy's mother grabs to shield herself from the flying plates during the kitchen fight has dents from previous takes.
  • When Billy carries Gizmo to the bathroom to bandage his head, Gizmo is visible in the bathroom, already sitting on the counter.
  • When Mr. Hanson is looking for the changed gremlin after the class leaves, the movie projector is still running and gets to the end of the reel. You can see the film flapping as you would expect, but it's on the feed reel, not on the take up reel on the back as it should be when a film finishes. Not to mention there is no drive on the feed reel, only the take up reel. (The feed reel just turns as film is pulled from it.)
  • Mr. Peltzer tells Billy one of the rules is to keep the gremlin away from water. He tells him, "Don't give him any water to drink and whatever you do, don't give him a bath". We learn later in the film that they multiply with water. Yet they can still drink beer and soft drinks (water based) without any signs of multiplication.
  • When the Gremlin is hiding under the table, the plastic brain over the table changes position between shots.
  • Just before Pete cuts the line of Christmas lights, the Sheriff closes the window of the police car (in order to keep a gremlin out). The window is alternately open/closed in subsequent shots.
  • When Billy goes in to the Y.M.C.A "Stripe" jumps out at Billy and Billy lands on the floor and the tear marks are already on his shirt before "Stripe" claws his chest.
  • When Billy walks through the town on his way to work, even though there is heavy snow in the town square, the hills behind the cinema have no snow on them.
  • When the cocoons are opening up in Zach's room, you can clearly see a green light bulb inside one of them.
  • In the tavern, Billy is looking at Gerald's face, and then instantaneously at the table.
  • In the wide shot after the title "Gremlins" comes up, on the left of the screen you can see a bench with a snowman behind it and no-one is sitting on the bench. In the next shot, two kids are on the bench.
  • Mogwai can't eat after midnight, yet it's never established when they can start eating again (some find it safe to assume they can eat at some point around sunrise).
  • The arm of a puppeteer can be seen when the gremlin is attempting to choke Billy's mother.
  • After Billy accidentally squirts the shaving cream at his father's face, Mr. Peltzer tries to clean himself off. In the next shot, his face is completely clean, but his chest is covered in it.
  • When Mr. Hanson is calling the gremlin to come out from under the desk, his mouth does not move with the words being said.
  • After the gremlin has tampered with the Sheriff's brakes, the police car nevertheless slows down, displaying its braking lights, as it approaches the next corner. In the next shot, the brakes are not working again. Also, the gremlin is seen ripping off the front hydraulic brake line - any automobile manufactured after 1967 has a dual circuit master cylinder (as mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation) where one hydraulic brake circuit remains operational when another fails.
  • For a movie supposedly set in late December in a Northern State, all of the Deciduous trees still have leaves on them. The most obvious place to see this is in the opening scene when Billy is trying to start his car in front of his house.
  • When the police car is shown upside down, you can see the steel skid plate on the underside of the car that was used to make it jump the truck.
  • The items that the gremlins use, such as guns, tools and utensils are too small to be normal (human) sized and appear to be made specifically for gremlins.
  • As Grandfather leaves the house after retrieving Gizmo, he is holding the "smokeless ashtray" gift in his hand as he walks out the door. In the outside shot immediately following, the ashtray has disappeared.
  • The night after Gizmo multiplies, forming five new Mogwai, he can be seen sleeping in bed next to Billy. In the next shot, a box with the remaining Mogwai next to the bed shows six Mogwai, including Gizmo who can be seen lying next to Stripe. Additionally, a moment later when Billy gets out of bed, Gizmo has vanished from the box.
  • Near the beginning of the movie, there is a car in the background doing political pitches with one speaker facing forward, and another backwards. After flashing back to Billy Peltzer, the show the car again, and now only has a single speaker on the front.
  • As Billy's mother attempts to back another gremlin into the microwave at one point, when things cut to showing us the scene from the top of the oven POV, you can see the puppeteer's head ever so briefly before he ducks below the obscuring microwave.
  • Someone pushing the Christmas tree over.
  • After Stripe's struggle in the Christmas tree, he then smashes though a window. As the camera pulls back from the window, you can see that the bottom of frame has been cut away to allow the puppeteer's hand though the frame.
  • Pete Fountaine uses metal scissors to cut the Christmas lights a Gremlin is hanging off of. Not only are there no sparks from the live wire when this occurs but both sides remain lit despite the circuit's being broken.
  • In the department store, Stripe attacks Billy with a chainsaw. Billy uses a wooden baseball bat to try and fend him off. The chainsaw would have cut through the bat in no time, but is shown chipping away at the bat for some time.
  • Gizmo is meant to multiply when getting wet. However when Barney the dog licks him nothing happens and there is hardly even a flinch.
  • The holes that Stripe puts in Billy's sweater at the school are different at the end of the film from when they are in the department store.
  • A Volkswagen Beetle does not blow steam after repeated starting attempts - air cooled VWs do not have radiators.
  • When Billy puts the orange into the juicer, and it malfunctions, way too much juice comes spraying out for only one orange.
  • The Gremlins run part of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), starting with "Heigh Ho", which is at a point much closer to the start of the movie than the "reel 4" indicated on the header would include.
  • In the opening scene at the Chinatown store, Mr. Peltzer squirts toothpaste all over his shirt while demonstrating the Bathroom Buddy. In the next scene, where the kid brings the Mogwai outside of the shop, Mr. Peltzer's shirt is clean and dry.
  • In Dorry's Tavern, when Kate turns the ceiling fan on that one Gremlin is hanging on to, in the close up shots, the ceiling fan is turning counter-clockwise, but when Kate jumps over the bar set to attack more of the Gremlins with the camera flash, the ceiling fan is turning clockwise.
  • Prior to using orange blender Billy fills a glass with orange juice, puts it on the table by the blender. When he picks up the glass it is empty. He hasn't drunk any of the juice.
  • In the bar, Kate notices that gremlins are afraid of bright lights when she tries to light the cigarettes of one with a match and the gremlin repeatedly shies back. Yet the whole bar is filled with wafting smoke - supposedly from lit cigarettes and cigars, which we can see gremlins smoking throughout the scene.
  • If you look closely, you can see that Stripe's eyes have changed color from being blood red to silver when he throws a saw blade at Billy in the department store.
  • When Billy shows the cocoons to his mother, there is a closeup of Gizmo, where the white patch of fur on his right eye is suddenly on his left.
  • When Mrs. Deagle crashes through the window & lands on the snow still in her chair, her legs are completely stiff in the air. This might happen hours later when rigor mortis sets in, but not right away.
  • At the beginning of the movie when it shows outside of Billy's house, there's a Santa blow mold that at one point in the movie it is on steady. Then at the end it shows that it is blinking.
  • When Mrs Deagle is walking down the street with the snowman head and is walking in front of the video rental place, you can see the crew reflection in the window.
  • As Mr Hanson inserts the hypodermic into the mogwais paw the blood spurts into the syringe behind the plunger before the plunger is pulled to withdraw the blood.
  • Obvious stunt dummy for Mrs. Deagle in the stair lifter scene.
  • When Billy puts his name plate on the counter it is upside down but when Mrs. Deagle shows up to complain about what Barney did to her snowman the name plate is correctly right side up. A considerable amount of time passes between Billy's arrival at the bank and Mrs. Deagle's. Obviously he put it right side up in that period.
  • Right before Mr. Wing arrived to take Gizmo away, Lynn says she's gonna make Gizmo chicken soup, but water is the main ingredient in soup which causes Gizmo to multiply which is against one of the rules.
  • When Billy and Kate break into the department store it is shortly before dawn but the clock on the wall shows 10:35.


  • When Mr. Peltzer spots Stripe melting in the store, you can see two wires used to make Stripe's head and body move until he falls into the fountain.
  • Second unit camera briefly visible during the cinema explosion scene (far left corner).
  • Rand Peltzer and the dog enter the department store at dawn. Just a few minutes later, when Gizmo raises the shade to let the sunlight kill the gremlin, the sunbeam is shining down at a fairly steep angle, almost 45 degrees. This would place the sun much higher in the sky than it would be just after dawn, indeed, higher than it would be even at noon in a Northern state in the middle of winter.
  • After the gremlin in the blender is killed, his legs are inside the edge of the blender, but when Billy comes home, his legs are sticking out of the blender.
  • When Billy is fighting Stripe in the department store, Billy hurts his head and is bleeding. Later during the fight, his head is unharmed.
  • When Gizmo is driving the toy car and knocks a bunch of tennis balls and a basketball off a shelf, the camera points straight upward, and we see the balls falling toward the camera and bounce upward. We then cut to Gizmo driving out of the way before any of the balls even hit the floor.
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