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  • When Sonny snaps Tom's suspenders as he is walking into the gym, a microphone is visible in the top right corner, and crew members are visible in the bottom right corner.
  • During the drag race, 1970s trucks and cars are driving on the overpass in the back ground.
  • Marty's kneepad exposed when sliding at the end of the big dance.
  • When Danny tells Sandy he has an image to protect, the boom mic is reflected in the jukebox. (In the 2006 Rydell High edition, the boom mic has been digitally erased).
  • As the Scorpions drive past the malt shop, Kenicke points at them and lowers his right hand twice.
  • Frenchie makes a comical reference to "the heartbreak of psoriasis." Tegrin introduced that phrase in a 1964 ad campaign.
  • The TV truck that appears briefly before the scene in the gym has two roof-top air conditioners, which were first produced in the late 1970s.
  • At the start of the 'National Bandstand' dance-off (the "Born to Hand Jive" number), the head of the cowboy decoration in the gym tips forward, spilling wads of paper off the brim of its hat. However, in the establishing shots prior to that there is no paper on the hat brim. In addition, a few seconds later, and as seen in other shots that follow, the head is intact and back in proper position.
  • During Summer Nights, Rizzo's shades repeatedly jump between her face and her hand between shots.
  • Sandy's "R" streamer on her sweater at the pep rally.
  • A dummy is being burned in effigy during the pep rally; however, the amount of flames on the dummy goes from small to large (the dummy is fully ablaze) then back to small (a closeup shows the fire only on the upper torso and one can still read the undamaged sign on the dummy).
  • During the final musical number, "We Go Together", at the carnival, the shadows on the ground change from short to long and back to short again.
  • While singing "You're the One That I Want," Danny and Sandy spin twice in the amusement park. The second twirl is not perfectly in sync with the music.
  • In the shake shack, some of the close-ups do not match the other scenes. In far shots, people and trees are behind the bars. Close-ups have no trees or people. The wall colors also change between shots.
  • When Danny is about to play basketball and the coach is talking to him, the boom mic's shadow is visible behind the coach.
  • During the last part of the racing sequence, along the river's banked edge, Leo's black convertible loses its front license plate. It re-appears moments later.
  • In the beginning of "You're the One that I want" Danny Zuko falls down in the dirt and when he gets up his black shirt is dirty in the belly area. Also, Olivia Newton-John's character puts her dusty shoe on his shirt as well. Several scenes later, his shirt is clean again and remains clean for the rest of the song.
  • During the fast dancing, bright daylight comes through the gym windows. Seconds later, when they lights go down for the "Blue Moon" slow dance, the gym is totally dark.
  • When the leader of the Scorpions escorts Rizzo into the dance hall, he removes his sunglasses. In the next shot, he removes them again.
  • During "Greased Lightning", when the motor is dropped into the car and the fan is spinning, a visible string makes the fan spin.
  • All of the actors are far past the typical high school age of 14 to 18 years and do not accurately represent high-school aged children: John Travolta (Danny) was 23 years old at the time of shooting; Stockard Channing (Rizzo) was 33 years old; Olivia Newton-John (Sandy) was 29 years old; Both Barry Pearl (Doody) and Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) were 27 years old; Michael Tucci (Sonny) was 31; Kelly Ward (Putzie), at 21 years old, was the youngest of the bunch, while Didi Conn (Frenchy) was 26 years old at the time of filming.
  • During "We Go Together," Doody and Frenchie switch places between the lines, "When we go out at night/And stars are shining bright." The blonde guy to the left of them goes from sitting to standing.
  • In the lunch scene, when Rizzo and Marty first sit down, a half-eaten apple in front of Rizzo's lunch tray keeps disappearing and reappearing between shots.
  • In the diner, Vi turns off the lights with her elbow, despite missing the switch by six inches.
  • When Sandy clicks her tongue after her big change.
  • The jukebox in the diner is a 1973 Wurlitzer 1050, which copies the design of the famous 1015.
  • At the dance-off, just before Cha-Cha replaces Sandy as Danny's dancing partner, a wide shot shows Danny and Sandy dancing. Cha-Cha walks out from behind some students in a corner. In the close-up, she walks out again.
  • During the drag race after the white Ford jumps the hood pops open, the grille falls out of place, and the trunk opens up, but in the next shot the only damage is a crooked bumper.
  • When Frenchie is about to pierce Sandy's ear, the bottle of wine switches between Jan and Sandy in between shots.
  • At the cotton candy stand, Blanche silently mouths the question, "How many?" Moments later, from a different camera angle, she asks the same question, with audio intact.
  • In one scene at the diner, Doody hands Frenchie a banana split. As the camera angle changes, he hands over the same banana split again.
  • On the first day of school, Sandy mentions that there are 86 days until Christmas vacation. She is referring to school days, not calendar days.
  • When Danny and Sandy are dancing near the end of "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay," a briefly visible scoreboard says either "Presented by class of 1971" or "Presented by class of 1974."
  • When the girls are at the sleepover, Rizzo gets off the bed with a bottle in her left hand and a cigarette in her right. The next shot shows the bottle in her right hand, and no cigarette.
  • "Rama Lama Ding Dong", a song referenced in the lyrics of "We Go Together" , sung throughout both the show and film version, did not surface until the summer of 1961, when it became a million seller for "The Edsels".
  • Stockard Channing briefly stops singing during the end of "Beauty School Drop-out".
  • During the last carnival scene, when Danny and Sandy drive through the dance line in "Greased Lightning" car, the windshield glass is completely gone.
  • After Cha Cha brings down her scarf to start the car race on Thunder Road, an Amtrak train is visible above the concrete riverbank at the left of the screen. The F40 locomotive and Amfleet passenger cars began service in the mid 1970s.
  • The band playing at the prom are using Fender "Silverface" type amps, a cosmetic style that wasn't introduced until 1968. The amps look like 1970s models.
  • In some dance scenes, Danny wears black dress shoes with a heel. In others, his black shoes are flat and look like sneakers.
  • When Sandy and Rizzo are talking outside the school, just before Rizzo sings "There are Worse Things I Could Do," Sandy's white and pink hair barrettes switch sides in some shots.
  • When Danny and Sandy jump back into frame during the end of "we go together", Sandy is barefoot.
  • After Eugene pies Coach Calhoun in the face, Calhoun says to him, "I want you," [on a team]. Eugene is a graduating senior.
  • During the Hand Jive, Sonny runs up behind Patty Simcox right before her skirt is lifted. For reasons unknown, Sonny was replaced by Kenickie for this part.
  • During "Greased Lightning", after switching to the all white shop, the background dancer who hops up onto the shop table at the very back knocks the custom wheel off of its stand. It rolls off and hits a stool. In the next shot, the wheel is back on its stand. In the same scene, the wheel on the stand in front of the second to last table is shown sitting on its stand at the beginning. After a few cuts, a dancer lifts the same wheel back onto its stand from behind the table, then rolls it off instead to put on the car.
  • In the dance contest scene when Vince chats Marty up beside the camera, on her final line she lifts her right hand and her purse visible. When the camera changes angles, her hand has vanished back to her side.
  • As Cha-Cha starts the drag race, a passenger train travels along the embankment to the left, moving in the same direction as the two cars. Seconds later, there is a wide shot of the cars racing in front of the same embankment, and the train has vanished.
  • As Sandy talks to Danny during his first track and field practice, a light-colored late 1960s or early 1970s American car drives by in the background.
  • In the first shot of the slumber party scene, a young female voice says: "Hey look, it's Jan!" The voice markedly does not belong to any of the actresses present in the scene.
  • A jacket disappears during the 'Greased Lightning' number.
  • At the drive in John is on the car instead of Danny.
  • Blondell misses the light switch but the light still goes out.
  • When Kenicke and Danny are hugging after his "number two" speech Kenicke's cigarette flies off from behind his ear.


  • During the dance scene, when the teachers congratulate Eugene and Patty, Eugene starts waving to the students. In the next shot, when the camera is facing the stage, he and all the other students are standing still.
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