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  • After Jean Pierre crashes he is helped out of his car. He pulls his goggles part way down as they are now just under his lip and covering his chin. The view then cuts to a close-up of Jean Pierre's face and the goggles are not over his face any more.
  • When Scott Stoddard's car crashes in the first Grand Prix race you can see a white tendril of smoke shooting out towards the car. This is the hydrogen pump used to propel the fake formula 1 car with a dummy in it to make the crash seem more realistic and should not be in the shot.
  • During the Brands Hatch race, Phil Hill and Yamura are watching the action on track from the pit lane. They face the part of the circuit behind the pit lane. Pete Aron's car has developed a fault and Phil Hill shouts, noticing that Aron's car is leaking fuel. The cars continue around the circuit and come onto the pit-straight. Aron's car is now on fire. Phil Hill now proclaims 'it's on fire!' but he is still in the viewpoint that he was before, meaning that he would've been looking in completely the wrong direction and would not have seen the flaming car from that precise point.
  • Prior to the start of the race at Monza, there is a flag ceremony at the starting line. The US flag has 48 stars instead of the 50 it should have had in 1966.
  • During the presentation of flags prior to the Italian Grand Prix, the U.S. flag being displayed is the old 48-star version, which would have been a decade out-of-date at the time of the movie.
  • At around 55m The Waiter at the end of the buffet keeps looking at the camera or the actors as though wondering if a take was happening.
  • The camera's shadow can be briefly seen on the racetrack as Scott and Pete duel wheel to wheel, passing and re-passing each other using drafting.
  • At 20:26: After the crash, involving James Garner and Brian Bedford, a group of reporters is following Bedford's character on a stretcher. One person is filming using a 70mm Super Panavision camera alongside a sound man with a microphone. These guys were part of the production crew, as this was the format in which the film was shot.
  • Scott Stoddard- still crippled- as he is beginning to drive again, cannot bend his left leg, as he climbs into his brother's old car. If he can't bend his leg, he would be unable to operate the car's clutch.


  • Obvious dummy for Sarti as he and his Ferrari fly off the Pista di Alta Velocità and over the guard rail, and he lands on a tree branch.
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