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  • Shia LaBeouf, Channing Tatum, Dominic Cooper, and James Franco were considered to play John Gotti Jr.
  • Nick Cassavetes was originally hired to direct but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with Yellow (2012).
  • Sylvester Stallone was in talks with John Gotti Jr. to star.
  • Joe Pesci was originally cast as Angelo Ruggiero. Pesci later filed a $3-million lawsuit against the producers claiming breach of contract. In the lawsuit he claimed that after he gained 30 pounds for the role of the overweight Ruggiero, he was instead offered a different role. The suit was settled in 2013.
  • John Travolta wore many of John Gotti's accessories, such as ties, in this film.
  • Many of John Travolta's personal cars appear in this film.
  • John Travolta got the title role because the Gotti family personally asked for him.
  • Gotti's children, Victoria Gotti and John Gotti Jr., were on set during most of the shoot as consultants. They provided the production with various family videos to help with the accuracy of their father's portrayal.
  • The biopic took eight years to reach fruition, after several directors, cast changes, and script changes.
  • Composer Pitbull was so impressed with the similarities between a photograph of John Travolta as John Gotti and the real Gotti that he asked if he could be involved with the score for the whole film.
  • The film was originally set to be released in the US on 12/25/17. Lionsgate, the slated distributor, sold it back to its producers and studio two weeks before, delaying the release.
  • Although set in New York, principal shooting was in Cincinnati, OH.
  • John Travolta said that his eeriest experience in this film was wearing John Gotti's checkered tweed overcoat (in the opening and closing scenes) because he could still smell Gotti's cologne on the fabric.
  • Actor Rhys Coiro and director Kevin Connolly have previously worked together on Entourage (2004). The majority of the show's fourth season centers around series protagonist Vincent Chase, an A-list movie star, trying to make the film "Medellín," his passion project about infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, made. The strenuous behind the scenes drama culminates in a disastrous Cannes premiere, panning by critics, and a direct-to-video release in the United States. Gotti (2018) was a passion project for John Travolta, an A-list movie star, for a good portion of the 2010s. The production was met with years of numerous dilemmas before culminating in a disastrous Cannes premiere, panning by critics, and a limited theatrical release before going to DVD; over 40% of its opening weekend box office gross was due to MoviePass users.
  • The building used to represent the New York Military Academy (15:06) is actually the National War College at Fort McNair, Washington, DC.
  • In 2011, around the same time Joe Pesci signed on to play Angelo Ruggiero, Al Pacino signed on to play Neil Dellacroce but eventually dropped out when other problems arose with production.
  • There were initial talks with John Travolta to star in "Gotti the Musical" with John Woo at the helm, but due to scathing negative reviews of the movie, the musical was canceled.
  • Frank Stallone was initially approached to play Gotti, talks broken-down as Stallone insisted on singing a solo in the end credits. The studios felt this went against the soul of the movie.
  • Several scenes which featured Gotti's well known "Boppity boopity" vocal tick were edited out at the last minute.
  • John Travolta provided his own personal wigs.
  • A Mexican flag was accidentally used during the scene where Gotti and Angelo meet at the social club. The Italian flag was added by CGI in post production.
  • This movie was sponsored by the American Dental Association
  • Quite possibly setting a new world's record, the film had 58 producers.
  • Lindsay Lohan was set to play Victoria Gotti.
  • In order to better accustom himself to the titular role, John Travolta tried convinced the on-set crew to film him choking people out on the subway. This ended in Travolta trying to choke himself out after a passerby reminded him of his performance in Old Dogs.
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