Good Morning Vietnam

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The film begins in 1965, when disc jockey Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) is assigned to take over the AFR's Saigon radio broadcasts. In contrast to the dull, by-rote announcers that have preceded him, Cronauer is a bundle of dynamite, heralding each broadcast with a loud Goooooood morning, Vietnaaaaam, playing whatever records tickle his fancy (even those not officially sanctioned by his hidebound superiors), and indulging in wild flights of improvisational fancy. Cronauer's immediate superior Lt. Hauk (Bruno Kirby), whose own notions of humor are puerile and pathetic, jealously attempts to dethrone Vietnam's favorite rock jock. Fortunately, Cronauer's popularity is such that he enjoys the full protection of the higher-ups. But when Cronauer, after experiencing the horrors of war first-hand, insists upon telling his listeners the truth instead of the official government line, he is instantly replaced by the unfunny Hauk and must struggle to get back on the air.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


  • Robin Williams
  • Forest Whitaker
  • Tung Thanh Tran
  • Chintara Sukapatana
  • Bruno Kirby
  • Robert Wuhl
  • J.T. Walsh
  • Noble Willingham
  • Richard Edson
  • Juney Smith

Did You Know?


  • As Adrian chases Tuan through the alley, the background music is actually a cut from Alex North's unused score for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).
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  • In the opening scene when Garlic is driving Cronauer through the city, they pass through a major intersection. A 1971 Holden motor car is clearly visible 6 years prior to its release.
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    • Dickerson: This is not military issue, airman. What sort of uniform is that?
    • Adrian Cronauer: Cretan camouflage sir. If you want to blend in with a bunch of drunken Greeks there's nothing better.
    • Dickerson: That is humor. I recognize that. I also recognize your brand of soldier.
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Good Morning, Vietnam works as straight comedy and as a Vietnam-era MASH, and even the movie’s love story has its own bittersweet integrity.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

All the film's energy, and most of its appeal, lie in the scenes in which Williams is talking to his audience, the most singular captive audience in Top 40 history. These moments do ring true, and they have a fine humanity to them. [15 Jan 1988, p.C1]

Metacritic review by Bill Cosford
Bill Cosford
Miami Herald

The first comedy about that war, Good Morning, Vietnam manages to be uproariously funny without ignoring or trivializing the tragedy. It's awkwardly contrived here and there, especially during its recon patrols into Vietnamese life, but for the most part Mitch Markowitz's skeletal script is smart enough to dig in, hunker down and stay out of Robin Williams' line of fire. [22 Dec 1987]

Metacritic review by Jay Scott
Jay Scott
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)